Now I could have named it something less offensive. But why? That dolt that was in the White House is more offensive than anything I could ever write. This is not just for Republicans. However, I have such a back log of two-faced actions by them, that they will be stealing the show for some time. This first entry was recently blogged by me. But it seems very apropos.

TwoFacedMotherFuckers Entry 17

What is a two-faced mother fucker? Tom Wurster defines it as this; Someone who not only says one thing, then does another, but also one who takes advantage of others and their prearranged ignorance of what is going on in the world. A fine example is Mississippi’s Senator and guy who just wants to fit in, Roger Wicker. Now Rog tweeted about how great the Covid legislation will help independent restaurants. You are absolutely right Senator. The problem is, you voted NO for the bill. You and all the “not proud boys”. Your crew had no problem giving that much money to the rich. Who by the way won’t spend it like the rest of us. That makes you good sir, a TwoFacedMotherFucker.

Two Faced Mother Fuckers Entry 16

This is another perfect example of a two-faced mother fucker.

Former coal CEO Robert E. Murray, who fought federal regulations for making coal mining safer, has filed an application with the U.S. Department of Labor for black lung benefits. I guess trying to screw his workers out of safety standards didn’t pay enough after all?

Some of you will have no problem with this. You are called trumpsters or greeds and probably both in most cases. Cutting regulations was NEVER going to create jobs! It was only going to make rich people richer, make workers less safe, and consumers less safe also in the long run! Don’t they teach this shit somewhere???? 

This is what happens when you cut education to the bone. This is why republicans DO THAT! But sadly, many of you have had your education cut and your brains thoroughly washed. Forbes published a great study on how worldly and smart viewers of foreign owned fox entertainment were. I highly suggest you do a search for it, if you watch fox or know someone who does.


Two Faced Mother Fuckers Entry 15

The same people who were whining about caravans of diseased women and children, are not smart enough to take 19 seriously! That sounds like an entry for TwoFacedMotherFuckers.com.

Please care. Be safe. 5/24/2020

Two Faced Mother Fuckers Entry 14

When President Obama did some stimulus programs, the Republicans lost their tiny minds. They of course had completely forgot that Bush had done one. That is their MO. So, they have earned another entry for TwoFacedMotherFuckers.com

Please care. Be safe. 4/10/2020

Two Faced Mother Fuckers Entry 13

So, the president* has given us a great entry, for twofacemotherfuckers.com The president, who got sued for lying and screwing people with his fake University, is calling for an end to student debt forgiveness. Is this because he has our debt out of control? Is it out of jealousy because of his own “failed” university? Is it because his wife pretends to know five languages and have a degree? Its more than likely, just because he is an asshole.

Please care. Be safe. 2/11/2020

Two Faced Mother Fuckers Entry 12

Susan Carol McDougal Spent 18 months in jail for refusing to answer three questions being asked by a grand jury. She spent eight months in solitary confinement. So why the fuck aren’t people going to jail NOW for refusing to testify? Jeff Sessio0ns lied under oath about talking to the Russians. Why the fuck isn’t his sorry ass in jail? President dementia is telling people not to testify. Why the fuck aren’t they going to jail?

Please care. Be safe. 12/12/2019

Two Faced Mother Fuckers Entry 11

As promised, El presidenta has been rounding up illegal immigrants. Along with some legal ones, because hate is hate. They haven’t rounded up millions of them, like he said. However, they of course forgot to think about the children of these people. So many of the children were just left without anyone to look after them. Pro-life my ass! But what makes it worse, is being in this country illegally is a misdemeanor. A fucking misdemeanor. What would the charge be, if the plan managers were held accountable? If the owners were held accountable? But no, they hold poor workers accountable instead. That makes the president and the republican party a TwoFacedMotherFucker in my book!

Please care. Be safe. 8/9/2019

Two Faced Mother Fuckers  Entry 10

Migrants. They are everywhere. They also contribute to our society. But those on the “right” will have you believe that they are a huge enemy. That it costs way too much to help people. President #heelspurs has told ICE to step up deportations and crack down on employers who employ illegal immigrants. What is so ironic, is that president #Heelspurs has a history of employing illegal immigrants and legal ones, at his golf properties. There are two obvious reasons. The first is so he could pay them less. The second is, so his white members could feel better about themselves. What does this make the president? You guessed it. A Two-faced Mother fucker!  He will be added to the list

Please care. Be safe. 7/26/2019

Two Faced Mother Fuckers  Entry 9

Senator Rand Paul is blocking funding to help 911 responders. He wants to know where the money is coming from. But the asshole had no problem voting for #IndividualOne’s tax cuts to the rich. Rand Paul is a Two-Faced Mother Fucker! He will be added to the Two Face Mother Fucker page. May he rot in hell!


Two Faced Mother Fuckers Entry 8

I worked with a couple of guys named Dan at a refrigerator warehouse here in Indiana. Little Dan was and is a very cool person. Big Dan however was the exact opposite. WE were talking about donating organs one time while on break. Big Dan said, “I would take an organ if I needed one, but I would never donate one of my own.” Yes, he is a Republican and yes, he is a Two-Faced Mother Fucker.


Two Faced Mother Fuckers   Entry 7

In 2008 and 2009, President Obama had mentioned the idea of talking with the North Korean leader. The GOP of course didn’t like this idea. Yet those same people had no problem with president* #IndividualOne meeting with him. President Obama would not have thrown the joint military exercises out the window that South Korea and the United States held every year. President* #IndividualOne got absolutely nothing in return for this. #IndividualOne was and is completely unqualified for the job. The fact that republican politicians were so quick to switch sides on what an American president can and can’t do with regards to North Koreas little dictator, makes them once again Two-Faced Mother Fuckers.

 Please care. Be safe. 5/30/2019

Entry 6

Who is Merrick Garland? Most republican voters probably don’t know. He should be on the Supreme Court. But republican politicians and even many republican voters it seems can’t follow any fucking rules. Now, Bitch McConnell is saying that in president* #IndividualOnes last year, they would go ahead and fill a vacancy on what now,  can only be called, our Court Of Flaw. I have a term for this. It is called Two Faced Mother Fuckers. This of course will be the latest entry on that page.

Please care. Be safe. 5/29/2019

Entry 5 Two Faced Mother Fuckers

When President Obama was in office, he was looked at seemingly under a microscope by the “right”. His choice of mustard was questioned. His choice of Jeans was questioned. He had the balls to wear a tan suit one time. Even though President Reagan had worn one without any scandal. Compare that to the pig that lives in the White House now. The GOP apparently had to bury the fucking bar, so #IndividualOne could drag his lazy ass over it. This is a fine example of some Two-Faced Mother Fuckers.

Please care. Be safe. 5/20/2019

Entry 4   Two Faced Mother Fuckers

Benghazi I in no way mean to disrespect the four people who died in the attack on the Benghazi embassy. The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, J Christopher Stevens was one of the people that died in the attack. If memory serves me correctly, He knew of the danger, but believed in what he was doing. The republicans complained the President Obama should have protected the embassy more. But the house of republican’s would not give President Obama the amount of money he requested for just that purpose. That makes them some Two-Faced Mother Fuckers. Also, 13 embassies and consulates were attacked, and sixty people died while George W was president. Where was all their fucking outrage then? There wasn’t any, which again makes them Two-Faced Mother Fuckers.

Please care. Be safe. 5/14/2019

Entry 3      Two Faced Mother Fuckers

Pro-life. What is the definition? Often, it seems to define those who want to protect those who have not been born yet. This would be noble indeed if our specie didn’t ignore the millions of children that are already alive, and thus dying. Dying from starvation. Dying from preventable disease. Dying from being cursed in the beginning, by being born in the wrong place and/or the wrong time. When you call your self pro-life, but only care about some life, it’s hollow. When you call yourself Pro-life, but continually vote for politicians that obviously don’t care about that same life after it’s born, it’s hollow. In fact, its Two Faced to be sure. Those same politicians pass legislation that hurts those in need, so they can bounce a few more bucks up to the already rich.

Please care. Be safe. 5/13/2019

Entry 2     Two Faced Mother Fuckers.

Hilary’s fucking e-mails. Now I am absolutely NOT defending her or others for deleting e-mails. But let’s go back, oh I don’t know, lets say six to nine years ago. The George W administration lost/deleted 22 MILLION e-mails. Many were sent and received on PRIVATE servers. But this pales in comparison to Hillary’s approximately 31,000 e-mails? Can the Republicans not remember 6 to 9 years ago? It wasn’t that long ago. So when you whine about 31,000 e-mails, when you didn’t do jack shit about George’s 22 MILLION e-mails, well you look like a Two Faced Mother Fucker!  When you bitch about her server, while still not saying a thing about that pig in the White House, ( #IndividualOne),  still using his old cell phone, you again look like a Two Faced Mother Fucker.

Please care. Be safe. 5/10/2019


 Entry 1    5/10/2019

Remember when Obama was the president? Remember how the Republicans were constantly saying how the President couldn't be indicted? No. Because they were constantly talking about indicting him when they weren't talking about hanging him. Yet now all of a sudden, the President can’t be indicted? Clear example of two faces.

Updated 3/12/2021