Finished  4/19/2019

"Be the ball Danny."

Terms of Impeachment, Part 1.

Donald had a strong bond with his son, Junior Donald.  They lived together in whatever small town you want to insert.  Donald Jr. had just walked in while Donald was getting off the phone with the milk people. “Oh Donald Jr., you are back. You were gone almost an hour. I was worried,” said Donald. “Sorry Paw. I got lost again.” replied Donald Jr. “But it’s the biggest house on the block. It is the whole block! Anyway, you will go to the best schools and that along with your heritage will make you better than everyone else. Hell, I might even run for president* someday.” Said Donald. “We could do whatever we wanted”, shouted and excited Donald Jr. Do you really think they would vote for you,” Jr. went on?

Oh yes. I will tell them things like I know more than the generals, and I have secret plans for things. I will be happy to show my taxes after the election. I will tell them that I will be WAY too busy working to play golf.”  They both laughed a hearty laugh at that.  Just then, his adopted children came in. They weren’t usually allowed in the big house, but tonight was a special occasion. Uncle Putin was sneaking over for the weekend so he could continue to groom the Donald.

Ivy was a plain looking girl to the Donald. She was cuter when she was little, but became a disappointment to the misguided old fart. Then there was Toby. Dumber than a sack of wet hammers. The Donald’s Sperm was used supposedly in the creating of the Toby, but Donald was sure there has been a sperm mix up. The two adopted children took their place on their knees, before their father. Donald Jr. kicked each one of them a couple of times to remind them that he was better. 

Please care. Be safe.  12/10/2018

Terms of Impeachment, part 2.

It was a warm moist night. Sultry, if you will. The doorbell rang, and the undocumented servant answered the door. Several tall homely looking men came in and started to walk around, checking rooms and what not. They looked very serious, and homely. Next came in a few more men, and an older looking women.  After they were safely inside, the women took off her makeup and costume, and it was Uncle Putin.

Donald leapt to his feet and bowed to Uncle Putin. Putin patted Donald’s head, then raised it up and smiled at the Donald. He pretended not to notice Ivy and Toby. He walked over and gave Donald Jr. one of those Russian doll thingy’s. Than patted Jr’s head as well. As they all got up, to go into the dining room, Uncle Putin passed a couple of small bags over to Ivy and Toby, when no one else was looking. Inside the bag was several small diamonds and a note which said, “Dear children. Don’t despair. I am your real father and I will take care of you when I can.”  Love   Dad.

Most of the people sat down at the huge table in the dining room. As was customary, Ivy and Tobi helped the undocumented servants pass out the 50 buckets of KFC, along with hundreds of sides and gravy. The group talked a lot in Russian, while pointing at the Donald. The Donald assumed they were talking about what a great guy he is. He would smile, and they would laugh and laugh.

Please care. Be safe. 12/11/2018

Terms of Impeachment, part 3.

After dinner, Donald and Uncle Putin went into one of the smaller parlors to talk. While cleaning up, Ivy and Toby noticed that some of Donald’s undocumented workers spoke Russian. While Donald and Uncle Putin were talking, the men went around the house making copies of any paper work they found. It looked like they installed or replaced little cameras.  Ivy and Toby pretended not to notice. They tried to work as hard or harder than everyone else. They appreciated being treated fairly.

A few of the men left to get something out of one of the vehicles. They returned carrying a huge model of a building. It was a model of what would be Donald Tower in Moscow. It was huge. The very top was even bigger then the rest, something that would appeal to the Donald. When it was carried into the parlor, the staff could hear a shriek of delight from the Donald. Later, they all left. The Donald felt energized. He took to the tweeter.

“I have never met Mr. Putin, but I am sure we would get a long great. I have no business in Russia what so ever. However, if I did build a hotel there, it would of course be the best and everyone would talk about it. Especially the huge part on top. But there is no hotel or business in Russia”. 

Please care. Be safe. 12/12/2018  

Terms of impeachment, part 4                       

The next day Donald called the NRA. He needed allies. How ironic that a group that was founded to teach gun safety, would help make the world a more dangerous place, illegally, of course. Getting elected was a long shot. But thanks to gerrymandering, some states had very Republican rules and laws. Then there is the questionable voting equipment, dark money, reducing early voting hours, closing polling places, and requiring ID’s where they never needed them before, closing ID branches, purging voter roles and more. It was a long shot, but it was worth  it for that amount of “pay off”.

He had decided on a slogan as well. “Make America Great Again.” Now he couldn’t be specific about what magic moment we were going back to in time. There wasn't a time in American history where someone wasn’t getting screwed. But that would never come up. The people he wanted to appeal to were white. They wanted to make sure they were NEVER the minority. They didn’t want to be treated the way they had treated others. That’s for sure.

The Make America Great Again hats were already being made in another country. He had the seconds shipped to his house, so Ivy and Toby could repair them, and they could still be used. Now if only he could dig up some dirt on the other main candidate. People had been bitching about her deleting e-mails, even though they weren’t bothered by old George W. deleting millions. Yes, the e-mails. He had to get a hold of those e-mails. But how?


Please care. Be safe. 12/15/2018

Terms of impeachment, part 5                   


Ivy and Toby lived in the wing with the undocumented helpers. They were “home schooled” for several reasons. Not the least being, one of the undocumented workers was a teacher. Toby had been told from the beginning that he was worthless, so he just slipped into the role and played along. Ivy looked after him as best she could. As they repaired the make America great again hats, they also replaced the label with a “made in USA” label. The Donald would give these hats to more important people.

On the upper floors, things were bustling. He had gone on gregslist and found someone who said they had the e-mails. He would make a big announcement as soon as he could. He was also handing out Ambassadorships to everyone he met. He didn’t have any intention of following through with most of them. But for now, he needed help, with the biggest con of his lifetime. The biggest con on the rest of us as well, probably.

He was also gathering intelligence on his fellow Republican candidates. Mostly he would just bully them, as that is what appeals to his base. Stupid-ass name calling and pointing out any weakness real or perceived. Russia was really going to help by spreading bullshit on social media. His base was ripe for the picking. They had “suffered” under President Obama, even though they can’t give any real examples. Also, they would play down election fraud which was a real problem, while dialing up the bullshit rhetoric on voter fraud.

Please care. Be safe. 12/16/2018

Terms of impeachment, part 6

Ivy and Toby had been steadily working on the reworked maga hats. Two of the undocumented workers came over for a chat with Ivy and Toby.  They had little microphones and transmitters that they wanted Ivy and Toby to put in all the maga hats they worked on. They gave them two bags. This time, the diamonds were much bigger. Ivy and Toby agreed. This little trick would give someone a wealth of knowledge.

The Donald had talked to the guy on gregslist about the e-mails. He would be picking them up tomorrow. He could then leak them to the press, embarrass his only real opponent, and be that closer to a stolen election. Russia was doing great on social media.  They reported how the Clintons stole furniture from the White House and such spending more than a million dollars a month at times. That should make starving Russian’s pretty angry.

He decided to take to the tweeter. “If anyone out there has my opponents “lost” e-mails, please, I think the press would be REALLY APPRECIATIVE OF THEM. ““I am putting together the best of the best! This well-oiled team will have little or NO turnover.”  “I am sure my crowd on inauguration day will be the biggest ever.”    

Please care. Be safe.  12/18/2018

Terms of impeachment, part 7

The Donald won debate after debate. Not because he knew what the hell he was talking about, but because he merely had to bully others to appeal to his base. Or at least the base he was taking over. By now he was so entrenched with Russia, it is incredible he stayed out of jail before the election. It seemed like almost every person in his campaign had ties to Russia. “Get the sanctions lifted, and we will finance your hotel”, he had been told. It was too good to pass up.

Ivy and Toby were doing much better. They had hired two undocumented workers to fill in for them occasionally. That way, they could go out and sell some of the diamonds. They had obtained a fake ID for Ivy. She opened a bank account, so her and Toby had some mad money when the Donald’s world eventually fell apart.

The Donald was now campaigning on building a stupid ass wall along the border of Mexico. Never mind that we have been at net zero for years. Never mind that we NEED workers. Never mind that most of the immigrants coming  were escaping violence that the United States helped create. Oh, and the best part. “Mexico will pay for the wall.”  Ok?  A country poorer than ours, will pay for a wall we can’t afford. That never seemed to enter anyone’s head.


Please care. Be safe. 12/22/2018

Terms of impeachment, part 8    

The Donald had The Jr. leak the e-mails to the press. Jr. did this, by taking them to the mailroom, and having them mailed in Chump envelopes, from Chump Towers. “Look at the e-mails that were found and leaked to the press’, hollered the Donald. “Also, she was using a private server in her house”, the Donald went on. In the meantime, a Russian computer was pinging a server in his New York Chump Tower.

Donald Jr. had been going on Pox Entertainment, trying to sell his conman father as often as they would listen. And they would certainly listen. He said great things like, “Life is hard: it’s even harder when you’re stupid.” He talked about how the Donald was going to stop all illegal immigration. He talked about how he had a secret plan for isis. He talked about how he was going to wipe out the debt in ten years. Oh, and my favorite, how the Donald would be too busy working to play gold.  BWAhahahahahaha.

Tax cut after tax cut was going to happen because clearly that is the only republican answer to most questions. War is of course their other answer. The Donald was going to cut so many taxes, the debt would be paid in no time. Of course, that’s not how any of this works, is it?  

On a serious note, it seems that all official maga hats are made in the USA. If this is true, this is the first confirmed good decision that president* #heelspurs has made lately, if not ever.

Please care. Be safe. 12/23/2018

Terms of impeachment, part 9   

The fake ID that IVY got also helped her get a safe deposit box, where they could keep the diamonds and a hand full of other things they had gathered over the years. Ivy and Toby had learned to watch out for themselves. They had learned that they were more like props, than anything else to the Donald. Along with the diamonds that they got from the Russian undocumented workers, they had a pretty good stash now for the future, just in case they needed it.

The Donald was getting daily instructions from uncle Putin. He would know a head of time when something was going to be leaked. Like a moron he would say, “I will be announcing something big about someone, or there will be big news about someone”. To the Donald, he thought this made him look smart. To smart people, this made him look guilty. His crowds would chant, “lock her up”, for crimes he was committing at that very moment. The irony and reality were lost on his supporters.

“I am going to bring coal jobs back”, the Donald would say. We have “clean coal”, which was like saying we have clean shit. It was of course a fucking lie, like almost everything else he said. They were easily verified lies also. But to no avail, His mouth would run on and on, and they would cheer and cheer. They cheered for their own demise, and either didn’t know, or didn’t care. Both could turn out to be deadly.

Please care. Be safe. 12/26/2018

Terms of impeachment, part 10    

The Donald had to pick a running mate. He needed someone bland. Someone who wouldn’t upstage him. Someone who was a real fake Christian, unlike the Donald who was not even a good fake Christian. He needed someone who they wouldn’t want to be president, so they wouldn’t replace the Donald with him. It had to be a white male of course. It also had to be someone with a low enough self-esteem to take the job. He chose Mike Dence. Damn few would want him to be president.

One day while Ivy and Toby were out and about, they ran into Chef Jose Grand. He used to be a Chef at one of Donald’s hotels. The Donald fired him because he was in a bad mood one day. Chef Jose had lost his home, thanks to the Donald. He had met Ivy and Toby a few times before that had happened, and knew they were not like the Donald.  Ivy and toby ran an idea past him. Ivy and Toby had wanted to try to give to people who needed it. Chef Jose was an adult and could help them while they helped him.

Ivy added Chef Jose’s name to her bank account and gave him access to the safety deposit box. He started looking for a vehicle that would suit their needs the next day. He found a very long step van. He new a mechanic that had been down on his luck. He hired him to start working on the van with the Chef. After a couple of weeks, they transformed the van into one badass kitchen on wheels. The Chef bribed and paid fees to get the proper licenses. Then he tried to pick a spot where he could both feed those in need, and feed those who could pay.

It only took a couple of weeks for word to spread. They served excellent food. Much better than a hot dog or a pretzel.  Both those in need came, and those who didn’t. This had an added benefit. Some of those in need got to know those who didn’t. This had created several beneficial relationships, where those in need got helped by others. Ivy and Toby’s connection to it stayed a secret.

Please care. Be safe. 12/27/2018

 Terms of impeachment,  part11  

Mike Dense was the perfect pick for VP. His family once had a huge oil company. It was run into the ground, and the tax payers got stiffed with the bill to clean up after the company. When he was on stage with the Donald, it seemed that Mike was in a dream world. Even the kinkiest of people probably didn’t want to go there. He was also never aloud in a room alone with another woman. I mean another woman other than his wife. I mean.

Chef Jose was having the time of his life. He was cooking great tasting food. Both people who had money, and the poor were enjoying his meals. He had no desire to get under a large restaurant business again. He was helping people, he was happy, and he helped others to be happy. He was able to hire an assistant, a young lady named Maria, who also had been down on her luck. She slept in the truck to begin with. She started every morning at 5 am, just like Chef Jose. She worked all day with him, taking few breaks. She was so happy to have a place in society again where she felt needed.

The mechanic Sparky, who had helped Chef Jose assemble the food truck, had been given a mission of his own. He was on the lookout for an inexpensive bus. A school bus perhaps. This bus would be fixed up, and originally driven by him. Transportation was a serious problem for the poor. Ivy, Toby, and crew had hoped to ease that problem for a few, by obtaining a bus, that could drive people around for free or at little cost. Advertising would be sold on the side of the bus, for a little extra revenue.

Please care. Be safe. 12/28/2018

Terms of impeachment, part 12   

The Donald made fun of a “otherwise abled” reporter. Most people would have gotten in trouble for it. But his base loves that kind of bullying. That kind of fake superiority. The Donald could bully women as well. His base was afraid of intelligent Women. They were a threat to ignorance. His rallies were whiter than snow. Not much smarter either.

Pretty much everyone on his team was working with Russia, and some with other countries. It was a multinational group helping the Donald. Very patriotic…lol.  Very American? After all, they had “suffered under Obama”.  Bwahahahahahaha So, all steps had to be taken to insure, “A Women” didn’t make them “suffer” next. That included every dirty trick. That included some made up ones as well. This of course made the Donald’s eventual win, tainted” at best.

Down on the streets, Ivy and Toby were affecting their own little world, and many others as well. Sparky had found a bus. But it didn’t just provide transportation. It housed a few people as well. Dropping them off at work or appointments and giving them shelter at night. Chef Jose’s business was booming. He, along with some help, was catering parties and other functions as well. Sparky was already working on another truck, and they were looking for property to purchase as well.

Please care. Be safe. 1/1/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 13   

The Donald had said he would show his taxes. But he knew that he would never do that. He hadn’t paid taxes in years. It was obvious to many, but not to his supporters. When you suck as bad as the Donald did, you had plenty of loss’s and deductions. It wouldn’t be until he had been in office two years, and the democrats took over the house. Before many more would know the truth. Some would still defend it, because “it is illegal”. Great fucking justification there.

At one of his rallies, a supporter gave the Donald a Purple Heart, that the supporter had earned. The Donald held it up and played with it, like it was a cheap award. He bragged how he had always wanted one. Though when war called, the Donald would cry #Heelspurs and run in the opposite direction. He would go on to make fun of Senator John McCain by saying, “he liked veterans that didn’t get caught”. The idea that enough people would vote for him after saying any ONE of the many things he did say was very troubling indeed.

The Donald and Mike Dence would get involved in some layoffs in Dence’s home state of Indiana. To begin with, Indiana gave extra tax cuts to an air conditioning business, so they wouldn’t lay people off. The company took the money, updated equipment, and laid the people off anyways. But would the supporters of the Donald ever find out? Only the ones that worked for those assholes at the air conditioning company. The rest would go on in a clueless wonderland of fake progress. 

Please care. Be safe.  1/3/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 14

Chef Jose’s catering business and food truck business was booming. There was plenty of free food for those who were hungry. The mix of his clientele between those who have and those who didn’t, started to bear fruit. A few people who had once had jobs and opportunities, got one more.  

Ivy and Toby spent less and less time at home. They would be 18 soon and had no intention of remaining with the Donald. The diamonds that they got from the Russians, plus other things they had picked up through the years, would take care of them quite nicely and they would still be able to help others. The wanted to wash off the stench of the Donald, and Jr. with some acts of compassion.

Sparky and the bus were doing great. Three homeless Mom’s and their kids now lived on the us. They were dropped off at school when it was time. The mothers would then be dropped off at a trade school, where they were learning to become nurses. A building was being looked for, that could be a home base for Ivy, Toby and the gang to work from. Sparky could park the bus there and do auto repair for others as well.

The Donald was hot on the campaign trail. Fortunately, he didn’t have to know anything. Because he didn’t. He would make up things on a daily basis. Not one thing had to be the truth. Because the truth didn’t matter to the Donald or his supporters. He would wave his tiny hand around and make fun of others. He would encourage violence against others. He called the media fake, because they often said the truth about him. The future was looking pretty grim.


Please care. Be safe. 1/15/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 15

Election day came and the Donald won. Well, using the term won loosely. He had some help. Egregious gerrymandering at the state level, which means in some states, the republicans have kept everyone else at bay for years. Also questionable voting equipment, closing polling places, reducing early voting, purging voter rolls, requiring ID’s and closing ID places, dark money, Russia working with apparently almost every Republican, tampering with votes, and a large portion of the population made stupid by foreign owned pox entertainment.

The next day, Ivy and Toby went to see the Donald. He asked them if they would like to make a donation to his campaign. They politely declined. They were now old enough to leave the crushing arrogance of the Donald and the Jr. and they had much to say to the Donald and the Jr. But that time would have to be later. The Donald offered to give them a job at one of his hotels. They again politely declined. The Donald made an awkward attempt to hug Ivy and shook hands with Toby. He handed them each five dollars, which they took and then left.

One of the Donald’s campaign lies was he was going to “drain the swamp”. He had no intention of the doing that. In fact, he had just the opposite in mind. He would find the worse millionaires and billionaires he could for the jobs. They would be completely incompetent in most cases. Or, they would want just the opposite of what the position required, and they would do their best to set that department back for as long as they could.

Please care. Be safe. 1/21/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 16     

Ivy, Toby, and the gang had formed a nonprofit. One that really wasn’t out to make a profit, unlike so many nonprofits out there who pay the administration quite nicely, while starving the rest. But I digress. Their nonprofit was able to apply for a grant and pick up and old school building for a great price. It had a little bit of land and a lot of building. Sparky had been babysitting, but now they could set up a real daycare in one of the class rooms. Sparky had some new tasks to work on.

Sparky found several used trucks that were similar and had them brought to the back of the building. He started to get them all in running order. He and Chef Jose found a few young people to operate the trucks. They also had bought a bigger truck to make runs to the farmers market. There were several food deserts in the city. These trucks could go out and sell healthy food, to people who otherwise might not have access to it. They would also get to work on growing as much of the food as they could. Either in the ground outside, or by hydroponics inside.

Another of the classrooms in their building was set up as a study center, for those going to school. Ivy was even able to get some medical equipment donated for training purposes. A nurse practitioner volunteered to help people study. The first wave of single mom nurses were doing great. A steel building was being added in the back for welding and vehicle repair.  More of the trucks and a few mini vans had been purchased. They were being repaired for people who needed a safe vehicle.

Please care. Be safe. 1/28/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 17       

That’s what Ivy and Toby and the gang had been up to. Meanwhile in the first six months the Donald was president* he signed 42 bills into law, but none of it was major legislation.  There were no plans for infrastructure being made. Nothing in healthcare was getting done, mostly because it seems like Republicans don’t understand how Nixon screwed us by signing the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973. Any of the Donald’s meetings with foreign dignitaries ended in embarrassment as the Donald was clearly not trained well.

He constantly twitted about Hillary. Clearly her larger number of votes troubled him. His tiny inaugural crowd and the horrible entertainment he was able to get to perform was also a thorn in his side. He spent 21 of his first 26 weekend at his properties. Playing golf and running up a tab that came from our pocket and went into his. Any time the media pointed out the truth, he would cry “fake news”.

He referred to other politicians and reporters with repulsive nicknames and impersonations. He would say ridiculous things, like a certain steel company was opening six new plants, when in fact they were opening NO new plants. Oh, and Mexico was still going to pay for the wall…lol.

Meanwhile, Ivy and Toby were rolling right along. They had taken a few of the classrooms and turned them into mini temple’s for people who needed one for their particular religion. Another classroom was outfitted with exercise equipment. They started experimenting with hydroponics, to grow vegetables and fruit. There was already one truck ready to go out selling vegetables and a few caned goods to areas that didn’t have access to a grocery store. Sparky had taken a couple of youngsters under his wing to teach them automobile repair. Things weren’t always perfect. But they got by. Together.

Please care. Be safe. 2/11/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 18

Park Soo Mon was an older Korean gentleman. For years he had taught Taekwondo to a smaller and smaller group. But they were mostly children and he loved to teach.  The building where he lived and where he leased a room for his classes got sold out from under him, leaving him homeless. Ivy and Toby had found out about him and asked if he wanted to come share their experience. One of the rooms in the old school house was about to become a self-defense classroom. 

Chef Jose and some of the residents had turned the kitchen in their school building into a meal making factory. They were delivering meals throughout the neighborhood to people who were in need of good nutrition and basically those who needed food. They were starting to expand to nearby neighborhoods.  The auditorium was coming in handy for shows the kids made up and performed for everyone. A few musical instruments were donated to the cause as well.

While Ivy and Toby and the gang tried to heal, the Donald mostly did the opposite. He still had rally’s, which was similar to another famous pretend soldier. He had promised to repeal the ACA, which the simpler people call Obama Care. Ironically, the Republicans had several years to come up with a replacement. Still, nothing yet. Still no repeal either. The Donald had said that Mexico would pay for the wall. Still no wall or check from Mexico. Sure, he lied about it all the time. His believers lined up at the trough of ignorance and drank heavily.

Please care. Be safe. 2/23/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 19      

For more than a year, the Donald had been whining about the witch hunt that was the Mueller probe. If it was a witch hunt, they were catching lots of witches. Simpletons would say, they haven’t shown any evidence. Apparently, they didn’t understand how these things worked. As for the length of time, after a year, this investigation was a mere baby compared to Watergate or the Iran Contra investigations. Hell, the Whitewater investigation lasted 4 years.

The front door of the White House should have been switched with a revolving door. Many of the people who worked for the Donald didn’t stay for very long. In the meantime, Jr. spent much of his time shooting Disney Animals so he could feel like a man. His wife left him. Maybe she wanted half of something rather then half of what might end up being nothing. Their “foundation” had to be shut down. It was mostly a way for them to pay for shit out of the pockets of others, while pretending to do good.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Ivy and Toby and the Gang were kicking ass. They had several hundred gallons of paint donated to them. They started painting buildings that were badly in need, as studies have shown that it can help in depressed areas. The meals they were providing and the hope they were sharing were already doing wonders. Crime in the immediate area was virtually nonexistent.

They set up showers that could be used by anyone. Volunteers ran them, washed the linen and cleaned. There were also washers, dryers, and soap available. The library was about 20% full of books. There were volunteers there most of the day to help people learn to read. The first group of nurses was about to graduate from Nursing School. 4 single moms were going to start there nursing career’s soon. There were ten more people ready to start the next class. This part of America at least, was becoming greater.

Please care. Be safe. 2/24/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 20

After talking to some aides and nurses who work in long term care, Ivy made two decisions with their little medical program. One, they were going to add an aide program. There was a great need for them. The second decision she made was in order to enter their nursing program, first they had to work for a year as an aide. That way, they have a complete understanding of their job and the aide’s job and how the two should work together.

Sparky had a great idea that they also worked on. They started looking for used rv’s that families didn’t use anymore. They fixed them up as best they could, and they were sent to areas that had hurricanes or big fires that left many people homeless. They had already delivered about a dozen. They had several more they were cleaning up People seemed to love the idea of helping others, even when they didn’t have much themselves.

The Donald however wasn’t having the success that Ivy and Toby enjoyed. The FBI was looking up his colon with a microscope. The worse news for the Donald was that he was as incompetent at breaking the law as he was anything else. He had used bullying and money to always get his way. There were signs that was about to end. Several people had already been charged, or indicted. Hell, his secretary of State had gotten a medal from Russia and was still working for Turkey when he was working for the United States. The incompetence was comical but also very dangerous for everyone on the planet.

Please care. Be safe. 2/28/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 21      

Ivy and Toby had added a 24 hour daycare to their school of positive things. Many of the nurses and aides worked at night. There were several rooms set up, and volunteers took turns staffing the 24 hour daycare. They were working on obtaining teaching credentials, to start a small school. They would have programs to become aides, and nurses.

Another building was being added for recycling. There were residents, who worked to recycle all kinds of scrap that came in. If they painted and old building, or cleaned out an overgrown lot, any metal recovered was brought back to be processed. All glass and plastic that could be recycled, was.

The Donald was still doing about the same. “It’s a hoax.”  “It’s a witch hunt.”  Pretty much every corner of the world was either laughing at him, or worried about his incompetence, usually both. Many, many witches had either pled guilty, or had been charged but were working with the special prosecutor. “There was no collusion”, when there clearly was a shit load of collusion.

The economy from the previous president was still running pretty well. None of the Donald’s “policies” had taken affect enough to ruin things for everyone. That was about to change in the New Year. His messing around with China on trade had already cost the tax payers Billions. Owning the libs was coming at a high cost.

Please care. Be safe. 3/9/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 22    

Many of the people who had gotten cars, refurbished by Sparky and crew had turned them back in, when they were able to buy one on their own. People had transportation, which made every part of their life better. Some always needed a vehicle, and they were taken care of also. The vehicles weren’t flashy, but they had breaks and new tires and they were safe. All the electricity that was used at the school, came from two large windmills and some solar panels. Extra electricity was sold to the electric company.

The Nurse Practitioner had set up a clinic and saw to it that anyone who needed medical help got it, either at their clinic, or at a hospital. Healthy people can contribute a lot more to a society than unhealthy ones. People who are healthier are often happier. The hydroponic vegetable and fruit growing is working out very well. More of the food they ate, had no pesticides at all. Almost all of Chef Jose’s vegetables were grown by them.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Witches were being locked up. The Donald was still lying about that, and his wall. Still no check from Mexico. There were less and less people coming across the border, yet he signed an emergency order to build a caravan stopping wall. An emergency order for a wall that would take at least ten years to build. Ten years. His administration was also preventing rape victims from getting abortions. Clearly the “great again” part wasn’t meant to be for everyone. He even threatened those on the right with his “military, and police, and Donald Bikers” …lol. Hopefully the security on all bird sanctuaries would be doubled.

More and more of the Steele Dossier was being proven to be correct, even though it was “fake news”. Even though the Donald foundation had been forced to be shut down, it would still end up costing the Donald 8 million dollars for stealing donations. His fixer and his Former Campaign Chair were both sentenced to prison, “because he only hires the best people”. Those that supported him, had to keep supporting him or make all new smarter friends. So, they kept supporting him.

Please care. Be safe. 3/15/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 23 


Ivy and Toby had set up rooms for used and new clothing that was donated. One for kids, and one each for men’s and women’s clothing. Everyone in their town now had access to clothes, and washers and dryers to clean them. They had access to food in several different ways. They had access to health care, and a few people had even volunteered to be counselors. They had set up a few help lines where people could call, if they needed someone to talk to. It wasn’t perfect. It couldn’t be. But it was pretty fricking close.

The computer lab had grown from one classroom to two classrooms, as more and more people were interested in learning how to code. several people had gotten together to make a choir, and they had produced a holiday music album. When the weather was right, there were sports galore. The gym was often in use as well. Leagues were formed, mostly for fun. The exercise helped enormously. There was a plethora of things to keep people busy.

The Donald on the other hand, was buy verbally abusing a dead war veteran. A decorated war veteran at that. The Donald who got five deferments, the fifth for #Heelspurs, was talking shit about someone who did serve. Someone who was imprisoned and tortured, while the soft, little handed Donald was learning how to keep people of color out of his buildings. His health now though seemed to be fading fast. He most likely would not see his façade of a financial empire crumble.

Meanwhile Jr. was raffling a chance to shoot Disney animals with him. Nothing says American Patriot victory macho I am a man, like shooting Dumbo with a high-powered rifle. The national debt was shooting up, well shooting up like it always does when there is a republican president. The trade gap was as big as ever. Trading partners were looking for more stable countries to trade with. The weather was getting more and more out of hand. The “lets see what happens crowd” had stuck it to everyone. Again.

Please care. Be safe. 3/21/2019  

Terms of impeachment, part 24       

It was a beautiful fall day. Ivy had loved the fall when she was little. She was working in the vegetable garden. Toby was running around with the little ones as he often did. All at once, they both kind of stopped and looked off to the side where a man in all black was standing there looking at them. He was with the secret Service. They had gotten to know him, before they left and he seemed to really care about them. They both slowly made their way over to him.

His name was Ted. “I have some news for you two, said Ted. This news has not been made public yet, so please don’t share it. The president and his son Jr. have been poisoned. They are awake, but they are both paralyzed and can’t move or speak. It was probably Russia. This is all super classified, but I got permission to let you know. He is at a hospital at Andrews Air Force Base. Ask for Major Conflict. He will let you in to see them if you want to”. Teddy gave both of them a hug, and was gone.

Ivy and Toby were unsure of their next move. Did they even want to visit? Yes. There were things that had to be said, so those things could be set free. They let Sparky and Chef Jose know that they had to leave for a few days. Ivy and Toby knew they were leaving things in good hands. For years Ivy and Toby had wanted to get things off their chests and let Donald and the Jr. know how they felt. Not that Donald or jr. would care. The siblings both figured they would probably never get the chance. But this was perfect. Those bastards had to listen. They had no choice.

Please care. Be safe. 4/6/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 25     

Major Conflict was a tall imposing fella. He looked Ivy and Toby over. “Teddy and I are risking a lot for this. But you absolutely should get a chance to see them. Right this way.” He led them down the hall, past what seems like a platoon of soldiers and guards.  They entered a room full of monitoring equipment.” I will leave you two alone with your family” and with that, Major Conflict was gone.

Toby went to the side of Jr.’s bed.  He got real close and looked into the face of Jr. Even though Jr. was paralyzed, somehow his faces still showed some fear. Toby often seemed like a man of few words. But not today. He leaned closer to Jr. “Remember when I brought that stray puppy home, asked Toby? Jr’s paralyzed eyes seemed to grow larger. You put it in the microwave, and held me down and made me watch. Tears were falling on Jr’s face from Toby’s. Then you made me clean it up saying you would blame it on me if I didn’t. Jr. closed his eyes. Toby took some medical tape, and taped them open. Don’t go to sleep big brother. We are just getting started.
Ivy had walked over to the Donald. He was fatter and more pale than she remembered. She was disgusted by him. “You raped our mother. You didn’t know that I knew of course. Then, drove her crazy with your lies and threatened her on top of that. Finally, she committed suicide so you could have us. Her tone was cold and biting sharp. There were no tears falling from Ivy. She had often wondered what she would say to him, given the chance. She promised herself she would not lower herself to his level. Let me open these curtains so you can see what a beautiful day outside you are missing. Ok. Maybe she would lower herself just a bit.


Please care. Be safe. 4/7/2019

Terms of impeachment, part 26 

Major Conflict entered the room and surveyed the situation. Toby was crying. Jr.’s eyes were taped open. The Donald looked as bad as ever. Ivy was sitting by the window, reading poetry to the Donald. “I see you have everything under control. You may stay as long as you like, as you are family. I will be back in a couple of day’s” said Major Conflict. “Thank you for everything”, said Ivy. The Major saluted and left.

Toby walked over to the Donald and leaned in close. “Remember all those times you would put something in Ivy’s drink, and it made her really sleepy? Then you would take her from her room and bring her back several hours later? I knew about it and I told her.” The Donald closed his eyes. Toby taped them open. Ivy never stopped reading the poetry even while Toby was talking. Toby picked up the Donald’s tiny hand and gave it a gentle kiss and laid it back down. Then he returned to Jr’s bed side.

Chef Jose had a friend whose restaurant was in the area. Lunch and supper were being delivered daily to Ivy and Toby. There was a knock on the door, supper was served. “We have lasagna, and garlic bread” said the delivery person.  “And apple pie with two scoops of ice-cream.” “Oh, thank you very much “said Ivy. She shook the hand of the delivery person and he was on his way.  The room smelled quite tasty.

After supper, Toby removed the tape from the Donald and Jr., and gave then both a kiss on their forehead.  Then they would call the school and talk to whoever needed to talk to them. This would last anywhere from and hour to four hours and Ivy and Toby loved every minute of it. They would put the television on MSNBC for the Donald and Jr. Sometimes they would put it on CNN. But never foreign owned pox entertainment.

Please care. Be safe. 4/13/2019

Terms of impeachment,          Final entry.        

Because Ivy and Toby are usually on the phone around 9 PM at night, they record Rachel Maddow and watch a weeks’ worth altogether. They were sure it was a favorite time for the Donald and Jr. They were just finishing a Rachel watch-a-thon, when Major Conflict entered the room. Toby lifted the heads of the beds so the Donald and Jr. could see better. “So how are you to doing”, asked the Major?

“We are all healing and doing good”, said Ivy. “Agreed”, said Toby. “We have spoken to several Doctors about the condition of the Donald and Jr.. They believe there will be no improvement. We have come up with a more suitable location for them. It has quarters for you as well. But you should not feel like you need to do this. I know the type these two were. They wouldn’t have given you another thought if you were in the same position”, said Major Conflict.

Toby and Ivy looked at one another. Toby gave Ivy a little nod. They had already decided. “We have decided to stay by their side. At least for a while. Our little project at home is in good hands. We still have some healing to do. The four of us”, said Ivy.  “As you wish Ma’am. We will be moving them tomorrow. Here is the address. Your quarters are roomy. I hope you will be comfortable. You already have the ID badges you will need to get in. I will check in on you often. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask”, said the Major. He looked at the Donald and Jr. each for a few seconds. Then left.

Ivy went over and sat on the Donald’s bed. Toby sat on Jr.’s bed. “Isn’t it exciting? We are going to be a family again. We can reminisce about all those old times. The holidays. The great vacations. We can really get to know one another again. I believe it was the great Al Green who said, “Let’s Stay Together.”  After all, if you don’t have family, what have you got”, said Toby.  Both the Donald and Jr. were looking at Toby. They had never heard him say that much before. They would here a lot more before they moved on to that never-ending salad bar down below.

The End.

Please care. Be safe. 4/19/2019