I guess all good web sites have terms and conditions. 

1        It’s my web site. It is satire and reality mixed. If you don’t like any of it, then piss off.

2        I have no degree. The American version of the English language has no right to judge me. I see grammatical errors all the time on much bigger sites. But if I can’t figure out what they meant, that would be more on me…lol. I usually can.

3        All rights reserved means absolutely nothing.

4        Though there is data collected, I would have no desire or idea how to use it.

5        This is for entertainment purposes only, except when someone can learn from it. Then it is both.

6        “An even playing field must include access to the field.”   Tw

7        I am not perfect. Almost anything I believe at any time, could be proven wrong later.

8        I don’t have a problem with religions. I do have a problem with religions being used to bully others.

9        Void where prohibited. No purchase required. 

10   It is my belief that the two-party system is barely a democracy. One party must be just a little better or appear to be just a little better than the other one. State and local election rules favor the big 2.  The Electoral college is antiquated and should be abandoned. Gerrymandering should be outlawed.

11   These are a few of my favorite things.

12   Maybe changed as I see fit. Also, I have bad eyes so I make the type bigger.