Shit I have learned.

Any Doctor can fill out a paper for social Security. My attorney said that some Doctors don’t like to fill them out. In my case, neither my regular Doctor who is an intern I think, or my former Doctor wanted to fill them out, because they thought there are special doctors that fill them out. But think about it, who knows you better than your regular doctor. There are NO special Social Security Doctors when it comes to filling out Impairment Questionnaires! Trust me. I found out the hard way.

Please care. Be safe. 9/11/2019

Home Owners Insurance

I thought of another entry for my Shit I have Learned page. We bought a property years ago in Florida. We knew how much the taxes were, because we had paid them the year before we bought it. It was about $1,450 dollars. What we didn’t know is that the City of Largo had some stupid ass “grand fathered in” shit going on. Our taxes for the first year were about $3,500 dollars. That is a pretty big jump and completely unacceptable. While we are on the subject of that house, the homeowner’s insurance cost about $1,500 dollars a year when we first bought it.

However, because of “hurricanes”, which were NOT hitting Florida, our premium went up to $5,000 dollars a year in a matter of two years. Now we have Dorian with its sites on Florida. This will be the most important test for president dementia. He of course is completely unprepared, and many of the good people of Florida will suffer because of it. Also, a lot of them voted for him, so there is that.

Please care. Be safe. 8/30/2019

Do you need to cut a piece of PVC in a tight spot?

If you must cut a piece of PVC pipe that is in a tight place, you can use some types of string to cut the pipe. I have done it. It is a great time saver. Just wrap it around the pipe where you want to cut it. Start out slow to keep the string in the correct spot. It should start cutting into it shortly. Plumber John H. taught me that. 



When you are cooking on a stove, regardless of whether children are present, ALWAYS turn the long pot handles to the CENTER of the stove to prevent little ones from grabbing them.

Also, keep the windows of your vehicles clean. Especially in the winter. Don’t wipe them with hamburger napkins either. Keep some clean paper towels handy. The life you save might be yours. Or mine. 11/7/2018


You may have heard you can only get chicken pox once. Bullshit. You can get it more than once. It has a wicked long incubation period before the sores can appear, so that shit can be spread like peanut butter on warm toast.

Also, the appendix is usually on the right. But it is not always on the right.

Care. Be safe. 4/27/2018

Don't over Compensate!

Don’t over compensate. I was a third Generation Volunteer Firefighter for many years. We had a rural district of about 200 square miles as the seagull flies. Many of the vehicle accidents I responded to were one vehicle accidents. Almost always, they went off the shoulder to the right, and then overcompensated to the left. If you start to go off the road, slowly hit your breaks without making any rash moves of the wheel.

Care. Be safe.  2/27/2018


Ice. It will kill you!


I used to have a drill sergeant the would yell, “this heat will kill you”. Anyways, ice does not play. I have learned to always have my head covered any time I can fall on the ice. If you fall, and no one is around, it can easily kill you. Even if you are just taking the trash out, let someone know. Keep some salt handy to melt the walkways. Another thing that can kill you is a broken hip, if you get one and then don’t get up and move.

Please be careful. You are needed by someone, if not just yourself. 

UDATE: Damaged money.

5/14/2018  I got a check in the mail for the $25 dollars in damaged money I sent. Very Cool. Takes a few months though, but that makes it a nice surprise.     tw

I heard years ago, that if you had a damaged dollar bill, or any denomination, you could take it to a federal Bank and have it exchanged. I don’t know if that is true, but my credit union told me, they had to pay the armored company that picks up the money extra for damaged money.  Well screw that, you can send the money to the following address and they will exchange it. I am not sure if there is a fee, but the credit union wouldn’t touch the bills one of my dogs tried to eat.  I will be sending them to the address below and I will update this post when it works, or not.  

Department of the Treasury

Bureau of Engraving and Printing
Office of Currency Standards
P. O. Box 37048 Washington, D. C. 20013

 If you have more than one bathtub/shower in your home, or you leave for long periods, this is something that might come in handy.  When a shower, or really any drain, sits for a long period of time, the water in the pee trap evaporates. The purpose of the pee trap is to prevent sewer gas from coming into your home or building. Once that water is gone, the gas can come in.  Just pour a little water in there every month or two. If you add some soap, that can help discourage any bugs from coming in.

Shit I have learned