This is my page with a list of stupid ass things to not say or do.

I already covered parents counting to 3. Please stop. You embarrass the rest of us. Tell your kids to do something. If they don’t do it, get off your ass. I only had to do that a few times with my kids. No spankings or anything.


“Do some research”. One thing that will surely make you look stupid, is if you say this. If you have proof, offer it up. Don’t go back and forth with pathetic name calling. Show your cards, or fold. “Open a book”, “read a book” and all other similar sounding nonsense is just that. 


“#heelpsurs supporters, saying we hate trump. Maybe you do. I am far more worried about the damage he is doing. I am far more concerned with the people that will be hurt from his imbecilic actions. So they deflect with that sad ass bullshit.

So, I will be adding "How's your 401K" to my list of stupid ass things to say. It is not even close to a measurement of what the hell is going on! It’s what people say when they can’t say anything else. Like everyone has a fricken 401K.  They are some damn small worlds those people live in. Everyone is white. Everyone is doing great. What the actual fuck?   10/24/2018

“we will just have to agree to disagree.” Fuck that. The dumber one could also learn. Maybe they could both learn. To agree to just continue to be stupid should NOT be an option.

Please care. Be safe. 11/7/2018

 People say, “you want trump to fail”. Well yes and no. If he was doing anything good, we would want him to succeed. But many of us knew what was coming. In that respect, we do want him to fail at fucking the rest of us.    Please Care. Be safe. 11/28/2018

Say what???

Let’s add the following to my list of stupid ass things to do and say. “There isn’t any evidence of collusion”, “We haven’t seen any evidence.” Or ANY variable of this nonsense. Have you ever fucking watched tv?  I know you see the evidence because you are watching a show. This isn’t fucking TV and you won’t see most of the evidence until they are done investigating. When people say this stupid ass stuff it makes us look even worse than we already do for electing colonel slanders.