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What is MuncieRadioBlows? Well I am not one of these people who moves someplace, and then immediately bitches about it. I have lived in Muncie over ten years so here goes. It seems most of the local radio stations here in Muncie, Indiana are owned by the same company. The music is good to pretty good. The DJ’s are, well you know, DJ’s.  Some will tell you that they “make fun of both sides”. However, for those who are really watching, the two sides are pretty far apart now. When people vote against their own best interests, someone is driving that will. Someone who has something to gain.

Implying that someone was going to make America great again, implies that you have a particular point in history you want to go back to. What point in American history, were things great for everyone? There is no fucking point like that! They didn’t want to make America great again. They wanted to make it white again. If we as a specie can’t get a long, there is no future. Period. “We can continue to fight each other over greed and deities, or we can come together as a specie to fight the up coming battles with the whether. We can’t win both, and by now we might not be able to win either.”  tww

We are replacing all the radios in the house with cd players. I have been bringing cd’s with me in our vehicles. Whoever owns those stations seems to want to push the agenda of the far right. Well I say fuck that agenda. It sucks!


 They have these recordings, that they play pretty often between songs. It’s a female, saying mostly witless things. I was told one of them went something like this, “when you’re having your pandemic party, make sure you have it on 104.9. At least until the authorities break it up.”  Now I have a very dry sense of humor. If you have read my stuff, you already know that. That being said, treating 19 like a fucking joke is irresponsible. It reinforces bullshit that the president has been spewing. It is harmful to us all. Its not patriotic in any fucking way!


Last night I heard on the local radio that their news was “factual”. In my 59 years I have learned that if someone’s news is factual, they don’t have to tell you that it is factual. You played a clip of a republican politician, claiming that “if trump was reelected, Hoosiers would not have to worry about preexisting insurance protection being taken away”. REPUBLICANS are the ONLY ones that have ever tried to take it away. Tell the fucking truth!  Stop misleading the simple ones!


Well the right-wing Muncie radio stations were doing their part to keep the herd dumb. On one they mentioned that place that always votes Early. I guess they voted for Biden, because they said they voted for Hillary last time, but that didn’t help her win!  Holy shit is that a zinger or what?

On another one of their stations, Brian has listeners vote on a song. Today they picked Ted Nugent. What better person to represent us, than a guy who shit his pants so he wouldn’t have to serve in Vietnam. Of course trump claimed he had heelspurs to win his FIFTH FUCKING DEFERMENT!

 You people are probably too busy standing for the anthem to fucking no what a deferment is. Keep voting against you and everyone else’s best interests. Republican politicians keep dumbing down that herd so they will continue to do just that!


I heard the Indiana Governor say, “we probably need to wear the masks another month.” Yea, everything should be ok in another month. There is one hell of a gas leak somewhere in this country.  We need to elect smarter leaders than this. If you are one of those people who are waiting for things to get “back to normal”, you either have been misled by ignorant politicians, or you can’t see the obvious. Or both.


I caught a little Muncie DJ wisdom today. I guess someone was suggesting that people wear masks at Thanksgiving get togethers. He rightly pointed out, “you can’t tell people what to do in their home” or something like that. Actually, what they are doing is making suggestions to the smarter people. There will be many simpletons who will refuse to wear the masks. They will spread the virus to their kids, grandkids, grandparents, and what not. Innocent healthcare workers will also pay for the ignorance of those assholes.

Its gutless. Its cowardly. Cuts in education, and foreign owned fox entertainment, have sown the seeds of ignorance. They now have a bumper crop that they can’t control. They are so broken; it may be dangerous to get them to start learning the truth about some things. All, so a few white people, won’t be a-scared about becoming a minority. Because many of those same assholes, don’t want to be treated the way those assholes treated others.

There is nothing wrong with freedom of speech and freedom of the press. With that freedom, comes the freedom to point out where others are lying.


I was told they made a stupid comment on one of the Muncie stations today about Biden.  I don’t remember them making stupid comments about trump. He certainly has given enough ammunition to highlight his ignorance. You purposely keep these people down. Why not tell them how bad the debt is? Because you don’t know? Why not tell them the truth about the Mueller Report? 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments, and several people were sent to jail. Including one of the “president’s” former campaign managers and the “president’s” former fixer/lawyer. When I tell this truth and reality to a trumpster, they call me a liar. Buy the fucking book bird santuary patriots!!!

Why not tell them how the trump foundation has been closed down for fraud? Why not tell them how Attorney General Barr had Epstein murdered? Why not point out the obvious lies that the “president” told about the virus?  You pretend to care about the community. Yet you lead them off the cliff. How patriotic. Maybe add some more flags this year to your pretend celebrations?


I will probably stop picking on Muncie Radio, mostly. They really try to be involved in the community, I assume to make it better. So why not be honest with people? Trump lost. He lies again and again. Hie behavior represented that of a spoiled child. Not a president. Is it really the money? If so, how sad.


I heard this gem today, “Thanksgiving that day when you get together with loved ones and wait for the police to knock on your door.”  Now I get it. I had two DJ roommates years ago. They are supposed to have that dry wit, but why not give this a try?

Thanksgiving, like so many other things in our lives, will be different. Why not look for someone who has no Thanksgiving? Why not share some of what you have, with others? Maybe even those that are not like you?

On a happy note, I have replaced the radio in our bedroom with a tv. One more place and instance, where I don’t have to listen to a WoofBoom station. Be straight with your listeners, or you continue to encourage them to vote against their best interests.


“Ba hum bug”, said the DJ this morning, because it is going to snow. Maybe the suicide rate in Indiana is so high, because you mother fuckers can’t cheer the hell up? I know your listeners are feeling ba hum bug. Do you think egging it on will help? Or are you just trying to fit in? this is not a Muncie only problem. But for now, that is where I live, so let’s start here.

Why not try this? Its supposed to snow later. Please careful if you have to go out an drive. Let the sight of the snow, remind you of different and happier times. Remember those who are no longer with us. Instead of being so fucking miserable, why not try cheering the fuck up? Ok so the last line you might not get away with. Living in a rut for your whole life must suck. Even when the worst things were happening to me, all I could think is that there are people out there who have it worse.

I challenge everyone of you to cheer the hell up. Try to find something positive, or maybe just shut the hell up, so you don’t have to bring others down with you.  I would like to mention I also caught a tiny bit of news. A republican politician mentioned how the schools need money, but how we need to get back to “financial responsibility” or something like that. Well who the fuck has been in charge here? Have you not been financially responsible? And why does education always have to be cut? Oh, that’s right. The dumber the herd, the better for you to keep fucking them over, right?


Last night around ten, I drove to the other end of Muncie and back. I did not see a salt truck, until I was almost home. This morning I saw two salt trucks on the bypass, better late than never. I then drove to the other end of Muncie and back. Apparently, Muncie decided to go with never. Many of the roads were extremely icy. What is the thinking here Mr. Muncie Mayor?


A family coming out of a local business here in Muncie was verbally assaulted by a *fuckling because they were wearing masks. This included swearing at the Mom and children. I can assume if their Dad was there, the coward wouldn’t have said anything. I have spent much of my life helping and leading by example. But I will take no more shit from inbred’s. Don’t like that title? Then grow the fuck up!


One of Muncie's finest

Our youngest daughter just came back from the grocery store upset. Apparently and *fuckling hollered this at her, “you’re a Nigger Loving Race Traitor”. Of course, it was a big white guy, hollering at a short white woman wearing a BLM shirt. All lives do matter. But all lives are NOT treated the same you fucking inbred hairless apes.  


Open Letter to Senator Braun

So apparently Rich Guy and pretend Senator Mike Braun from Indiana criticized the media for failing to investigate voter fraud. There are several problems with that statement, let me see if I can explain a few.

First, is seems there is very little voter fraud to investigate. Only people who have no idea how Americans vote, could think voter fraud is widespread.

Second, you are asking the media to investigate something. Yet you support a dictator like president who has condemned the media every time they report the truth. So, to smarter people, this is just a ploy on your part.  Anyone with basic history knowledge knows another person in history who vilified the press so he could raise to power and then hold onto it. At least he had served as a corporal in the military.

Now if you really want a story, they should investigate election fraud. That’s not just a bigger fish, it’s a whole school of them. Some governments are buying election equipment from Russia. What could possibly go wrong there? Politicians are making it harder for Americans to vote by closing polling places, reducing early voting, requiring ID’s and closing ID branches. Then there is dark money, foreign owned fox entertainment dumbing down the herd, and a “president” who lies consistently. Not just about big things, but about everything.  

Rather than passing the blame, why don’t you come clean with your supporters. Tell the truth for a change. Represent people, instead of other rich people like you.

Thomas Wurster


The local radio stations like to advertise their news with sayings like, “the news that’s important to you”.  Let me translate that for you. “we are giving you news that WE want you to hear.”


I caught a minute of Muncie radio this morning.  “Who cares what those idiots in Washington are doing”. Yea because thinking and knowing stuff is really hard. Just keep trusting those old white men you keep sending to Washington. Its worked great so far, as long as you are not really paying attention. You have a voice, that you could use to inspire and educate. Instead, you take the easy lazy way. How sad for those who will come later.


I was just talking to a 12 year old who goes to school here in Delaware County Indiana. He said they were watching the inauguration and some kids were saying that Harris should be shot. Great job Muncie Hoosiers. You should be sooooo proud. You might want to ask your skydaddy for some serious forgiveness. You are raising your children to keep stoking the flames of racism, because you are white and gutless. I am white, but I am not THAT white. You fucking dishonor that flag you pretend to love so much. Maybe if your kind hadn’t been shitting on everyone that was different, you wouldn’t have to be afraid to be a minority.


Hello Woofboom DJ’s. Today on East Jackson Street, here in Muncie Indiana, I saw no less than 7 trumpsters drive buy a stopped school bus. Jackson is a 4 lane NON-divided street there. Regardless of what side of the street you are on, if a school bus is stopped and has its red flashers on, your dumbass is supposed to STOP. This is simple shit people. How the fuck are you driving, when you are that fucking stupid???? We all make mistakes. That is not a mistake. The mistake was giving your dumbass a license to drive!


I just heard Brain on one of the Woofboom stations joke about how many Executive Orders have been signed in the last 20 days. Hey Brian, do you know what any of those orders were for? Any idea how many Executive orders president skidmark signed? Do you have any fucking idea what ANY of those were for?  Yea, just keep playing down to the dumb. Its easier.


Teachers should most certainly be very close to the TOP of the list of those who get the COVID vaccine next. So of course, they are NOT close to the top of the list here in Indiana. Way to go Hoosiers. Also 76% of Americans back the COVID relief package. That includes 60% of Republicans. So of course, the two senators from this fine state, oppose it. There may be a gas leak in this state. Or maybe something in the water????


For the second time in as many days, I have seen someone stopped by the Muncie Police, but they didn’t bother to pull off the road. Even if the one being pulled over isn’t smart enough to pull off the fucking road, the officer should be smart enough to have them pull off the road.  In today’s case, the second vehicle was getting out the drug dog. No doubt protecting us from dangerous drugs like marijuana. Fun fact, marijuana is still a schedule one drug in the US like cocaine and heroin. That’s because as a nation, we seem to be too fucking stupid to put a stop to that nonsense.  At least the Muncie Chief of Police isn’t so fucking stupid, that he thinks Hoosiers should be able to carry concealed weapons without any fucking rules. Sadly, the Delaware County sheriff is exactly that fucking stupid. 
I have heard references to Sherrif Any Taylor. He didn’t have to carry a gun, because he worked for the people, not against the people. I support good police officers. But clearly, they need more training and less stupid ass hateful laws to impose on the poor. 

I was just in the Muncie Lowes. For those of you who want to make a statement by not wearing a mask, you are making ALL of the following statements: 
Your ignorance is pure. 
Your laziness is pure. 
There may very well be inbreeding in your family’s past. 
You have no problem possibly infecting other people including children.  
You have no problem causing the death of someone else. 
(It looked like they worked for a glass company) 
Now on to the *fuckling who parked in the lane of the loading zone (blue truck). You see, most of the people who were raised better park, go in and pay for what they are getting, THEN pull into the fucking LOADING  ZONE. Some people who were not raised quite as good, park up against what they are about to buy. But your ignorant ass just parked right in the fucking middle of the loading zone lane because you are the only mother fucker on this planet. This again is pure laziness and pure ignorance.  I feel sorry for anyone who has to be around your stupid ass for any length of time.  
Fuck stupidity and laziness! 

Fuckling: Someone who is lost, and doesn’t bother to be found. Someone who thinks he is the only mother fucker on the planet. It's not always that they are too stupid, often they are just too lazy.

What the fuck is going on in this country? Where was the justice when president cancer was wiping his ass with OUR constitution? Spending OUR money at HIS golf properties? The letter below should be self-explanatory.

Dear Prosecutor Eric M. Hoffman                          3/24/2021                                     
3100 S Tillitson                                                                
Suite 270 
Muncie, IN 47302 
I have learned that the building of a local business, and a dog that the business owner has, was brutally attacked by neighbors of that business. 
The Wine and Vine 
East McGalliard Rd 
Muncie, IN 47303 
 Apparently, these alleged crimes were recorded with security cameras. Yet as far as we know, the alleged criminals have not been charged. After the  January 6th attack on the US capital by terrorists, I would hate to think that kind of behavior would be tolerated in Delaware County Indiana.  
Thank you for your time, 
Thomas Wurster 
106 S Keystone Circle 
 Muncie, IN  47303 
Copy; States Attorney's Office 


Make no mistake. Those white people who are comfortable bullying others, clearly do not have the recourses to understand what they are doing. If I do not here from the Indiana States Attorney, or the Delaware county prosecutor, it will be time to get the media involved. Not to mention an animal rights group or two. 

The thugs who attacked The Wine and Vine in Muncie Indiana need to be punished. The fact that they are white, or trumpsters, is NOT a valid defense. In fact, it's never been a good defense. WE evolve and mature, or we die as a society. All for vanity and misdirected pride. 
There is only one good definition for “United” in the name United States.  

Apparently, the Wine and Vine is under a protective order from its asshole neighbors. Personally, I think it’s bullshit. If the thugs were black, they would already be sentenced. However, I will not pursue this any further at this moment. Make no mistake, these bird sanctuary patriots are NOT standing up for Americans. They are standing up for their racist, bullying, that has kept others down for centuries.


I was picking up some kids at Selma Elementary here near Muncie. There are two lanes, but one huge black, probably expensive vehicle was taking up more than one lane. I looked over at the driver as I squeaked by, but she seemed oblivious. A little later that same vehicle passed me in the line and she was throwing trash out her window.  
Let me explain something to you. If you throw trash out of the window of the vehicle you are in, you are a fucking pig. Got it? I don’t give a rat’s ass how much your vehicle is worth. Keep it in your fucking lane and if you can’t do that, then get a smaller one. Throwing trash out of your window, especially when kids are in your car is unacceptable. Sadly, you were probably raised poorly also. It’s ignorance and laziness.   

So, I just visited the Dollar General that is closest to me.  I haven’t been there since last year when two of the workers there were talking about how “parents had to pull their children away from Joe Biden”. I guess they were all right with the guy who was in the White House then, who had double digit sexual accusations against him. Oh, and those were just the ones who were brave enough to come forward. Didn’t he also say “when you have lots of money, you can grab them by the pussy”, or something like that? Your stupid ass is ok with that, but question Biden smelling some hair? Holy shit are you a moron. But I digress. 
Tonight, there was a slob with no mask on, coughing into one of the food coolers. People may call me a slob, because of the way I dress. But they will NEVER catch me doing some piggy shit like coughing into a cooler.  
Thankfully we are making more trips to Costco I Indianapolis. Please build a Costco here in Muncie! 

There is a button on the top of my web site that says “Crisis Text Line”. There is more than one reason why it is there. For one thing, it is a link to people who help others that are in need, and for those who need someone to tak to. Also, I have battled with suicidal thoughts most of my life. I am a humanist, which makes me want to help others. I believe everyone deserves a chance and help.
Having said all that, if you can’t get your shit together, don’t take someone else out with you. Even if you believe or know that, that person is the reason for your demise. Because in most cases, that person's spouse is NOT the reason for your demise. Certainly, their children are not the reason for your demise. Random people sure the fuck, are not the reason for your demise. So please get help. But if you must, take your life only. The rest of us still have a chance to make it work.
Now onto stupid ass DJ, here in Muncie. I had the displeasure of hearing about a minute of 93.5. where DJ and funny person want-to-be said the “democrats want to add 4 seats to the Supreme Court, and out of habit, said they were going to impeach Donald Trump”. Now I will be happy to debate you ANYTIME Jaybo. You can reach me at I will debate you on air, or on line. I guarantee you know virtually nothing about either of those two things, or how they affect all of us. You regurgitate the witless humor from the “right”.
You either have no idea how Republicans stole at least two seats, or why it matters. Have you questioned who paid off Justice Kennedy’s gambling debts? Did you know ANYTHING about why he retired? Do you understand the ramifications of the right, stacking the court with those who want to serve the rich and pretend to serve their sky-daddy, while letting the rest of us rot?
Have any idea how trump wiped his ass with OUR constitution? Did you know that the Mueller report produced 199 criminal charges, 37 indictments and several people were sent to jail? Including one of trumps former campaign managers, and his former attorney/fixer. Yea that is real fucking funny, isn’t it? He spent MILLIONS of OUR tax dollars at HIS properties. Are you rolling on the fucking ground yet? He has misled trumpsters about the covid, clearly causing the deaths of people. TOO fucking funny, right? Knowing stuff and acting like and adult is just too hard for some. They are too lazy to try to be a better person, so they elevate their selves in their minds, by looking down on others.
Remember how we heard for years how “Obama needed to go to jail”? Then we got a white president, and he can’t even fucking be charged with a crime? Standing for the anthem doesn’t do shit for a homeless vet. Fuck you and your ignorance that leads others of the fucking cliff!

I took a relative to Northwest Towing to pick up a vehicle that was in an accident. The two people who were working there at the time were very nice. That ends the nice things I have to say. Why does a vehicle have to be towed there? I asked the Northwest Towing guy, and he said it was between us and the police. The police did not tow the vehicle. You did. One mechanic I mentioned this to, referred to them and another local towing company in a negative  

$65 dollar mileage charge, for what? Under 10 miles to be sure.  $125-dollar tow charge, milage not included, I guess. $60 storage for less than 24 hours, what a deal. $20 for the city/county. WTF for????  $70 for clean up and something illegible. Oh and bring cash, because fuck customer service. The Muncie Police officer was very polite, but he implied Northwest did a lot of these so it would go well. It did, for Northwest.


Those new vehicles are something aren’t they? Especially the headlights and the payments. The payments have to be huge if so many of you can’t replace the fucking headlight when it goes out. I just had an asshole on East Jackson behind me with one headlight on. So of course, it was on high beam. It actually hurt my eyes, but hey, nice Get your fucking headlight fixed, or drive a fucking vehicle you can afford. It’s a safety hazard!


I just came back from the Muncie Lowe’s. More and more people are not wearing a mask. One guy coming in the door, rubbed his face as if to say, “look, I am an asshole.” We know asshole.
A short time later, a guy came into a convenient store where I was and said, “I can’t read” implying he didn’t have to wear a mask because he couldn't read. I am not sure what the saddest part of this is, though I suspect it is the fact that some of these humans are passing on their faulty shallow depth human genes. Along with witless humor that rarely even reaches the bar of humor.
Most of our hope is in the younger generations. As hitler said, “your youth are already in our camps” except in this case. Foreign owned fox is saying it and they are talking about adults, sadly
Music has always been important to me.  
when I am in a vehicle, I am a jamming mother fucker. Muncie should be known for the amount of trains that pass through. This Friday morning, I waited about ten minutes for one. I noticed the person behind me was sitting there with her head propped up on her arm, like she wanted to be somewhere else. Then she noticed me dancing and soon, she was also moving to some music. Pass that shit on. 
Have a great weekend. 

So, pretend Senator and shitty boss Mike Braun agrees with Indiana governor whatever his name is, that they should stop accepting the extra unemployment money the federal government has been paying. They think it is keeping people from working. I actually know of two people that took the 500 dollars for several weeks. They are step sisters. Neither of them worked full time, yet they both got more than 500 dollars for several weeks. Ironically, their Republican mother had no fucking problem with it. I guess that is why Republican politicians are worried about They know their base. 
Ironically, the problem is much more complex. For example, many people used to come to this country to do the types of jobs that Braun and his ilk wouldn't touch. Sadly, they did the cowardly thing and support president heelspurs, who then discouraged many good workers from coming to this country. Covid has also dealt a blow to the pool of available workers. Then, there are the pieces of shit like Braun, who were lousy bosses, making some workers decide it just wasn’t worth it. It REALLY fucking matters who you vote for people. 
So, I am in line at an elementary school here in the Muncie area and there is a car with a bumper sticker that says, “Make taxation theft again”. Or some such nonsense. Now anyone who comes to this site regularly, already knows the point I am about to make. You are picking up a child, probably your child, at a school that is PAID FOR BY TAXES! You drove to that school on roads paid for by TAXES! What is theft, is when the rich rig the system even MORE in their favor, so they can steal from the rest of us. Get a fucking clue. 
I often pass this church that has a sign that says, “honk for freedom”. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? Freedom is fought for, not honked for you imbeciles. I recently found out that less than 1 in 100 Americans have served in the military. I served, as well as both of my brothers and my father who served during World War ll. Now how many of those whack jobs with the big American Flags and the trump flags waving in the back of their pickup trucks, do you think served? 
I heard a radio commercial for the news on that local radio station. It said they let you hear what the politicians say from the politicians themselves. Yea, fat lot of good that does, when the politician is lying! Get that check yet from Mexico for a wall WE can’t afford? Trump said he would be too busy working to play golf. Then, he played MORE golf than President Obama. Trump also stayed at HIS properties which is a violation of the Emoluments Clause. Trump said that Covid was like a hoax. Oh wait, many of you still think it is. How fucking sad for your family, and the rest of us. 

I lived in the Tampa Bay Area for decades. I have a Doctorate in Road rage. I did additional work on my road rage when we lived inside the DC Belt Way. That’s right, the belly of the beast. Many times, in my life, I expected to receive “the finger” from someone. But tonight, was kind of puzzling.     
I was going west on Memorial Street here in Muncie, Indiana. A person shot off the By-pass a little way in front of me. I didn’t get over, because it looked like the vehicle was speeding up. Plus is certainly shot off the by-pass with plenty of speed. Yet I caught up pretty quickly. I put my turn signal on, and changed lanes. As I started to pass the white pickup truck, I noticed the window was going down. Then I noticed and arm come out, which at that moment shot me a bird. 
Now had I attempted communication first with that driver, I could understand it. But I did nothing to deserve such a reaction. I am really worried about the individual. His life must really suck, that he has to behave that way. I think we can all accurately guess who he supported in the last presidential election though. I sincerely hope he gets the help he needs. 
This is another example of someone not living up to their responsibility. The responsibility of having the People's ear. Recently on one of the local stations here in Muncie, Indiana, one of the spreaders let down their listeners. A spreader, is a DJ that works at that local radio station or for another station owned by the same company. You see this spreader was whining about how the Dollar  
Store was going to have to charge more than one dollar for some items.  
Now the dollar store has been selling stuff for a dollar since 1986. Over thirty-five fucking years. Did you think it was going to go on forever? Do you not ever use your thinker? You probably “thought” 
 Mexico, a poorer country than ours, was going to pay for a 30 billion dollar wall didn’t you? You don’t even fucking know how to think. You have been trained to just repeat stupid bullshit, because it's easier for you. 
By the way, a responsible journalist or DJ would have told the whole fucking story. They are raising the prices on some items to more than a dollar because of the cost of shipping. But what did the spreader say instead of that? “Thanks Biden”. Fucking sorry ass simpletons, leading innocent people astray. For what? A cheap laugh? High ratings from people who can't seem to know any better? Hey radio buddy. I challenge you or any of the other spreaders to a political debate. I mean if your “side” is correct, what do you have to lose?  
Holy shit!!! Radio Buddy is getting the vaccine. TODAY! Now I could go on and on about why he should have already gotten the shot. But I will not. He is finally being responsible, at least in this area. Good for you Mr. Radio Buddy. 
Now I know none of you would ever debate me, because you don’t want to give me publicity. Ironically, I would rather you just be responsible. By getting the vaccine today, and announcing it on the radio, you are in my opinion, doing your job. Well, done, finally. 

Just now I was heading east on Jackson Street, heading towards Selma. There was a vehicle weaving in and out of traffic. When I caught up to it, it had a bumper sticker that said, “just say no to the vaccine”. So, I hollered. Yea, you drive like you are stupid. Don’t get the vaccine. Just die! When you are not endangering others with your driving, you are endangering them with your lack of good judgement. What an ass! 

My daughter forgot to give her daughter book fair money yesterday, and there was a boy there laughing at her because she had no money. Are we fucking great again yet you stupid mother fuckers????  
Also, I gave a very nice Maglite with an orange traffic directing cone on the end of it to a teacher who stood in the dark in the mornings directing traffic. I could give two shits about what people think of me. But to my critics out there, what the fuck have you done lately for someone other than yourself???? 

Talk isn’t cheap. Its fucking worthless in many cases. Trump talked and talked and talked, and didn’t do shit for the working person, or the elderly person, and he fucking made fun of veterans! So today when my grandson got a sticker at school that says, “Make our planet great again”, I was not fucking amused. 
Now first let me point out that the local schools have a tough time. The majority of the children come from trumpster homes. They suck at the teat of foreign owned fox entertainment and have no fucking working knowledge of the planet around them!  
But before I get to that, let me ask whoever the fuck came up with that slogan, where should we start? Should we give women equal pay and stop treating them like fucking second class citizens? How about if we stop shitting on minorities? We could treat everyone equally instead of tilting the fucking playing field towards the white side! But of course, that’s now what you meant at all is it?  
Is this an environmental campaign? I am all for helping the planet. The "right" side of course doesn’t believe in reality, so maybe this is just a cheap marketing ploy to get their children to fucking come over to reality? Whatever the reason, it is offensive to those smart enough to understand that trump did NOT make America great again. Also, the word “Again” implies going back to sometime where everything was great! For everyone? I have asked several Republicans, “when was that magic fucking time where everything was great for everyone”?????? I got an answer one time. “The 70’s”. The 70’s were great, but not for everyone. 
So, to rehash that pathetic saying for ANY reason, is bs. 

10/28/2021Our family just donated another Maglite traffic wand flashlight to the local elementary school. We walk the walk so we talk the fucking talking. Do something for others. Do a bunch of shit for others! Lead by example!!!!   

A few days ago, well almost every day I go to  But a few days ago, I hollered at some women for driving through the loading zone. She replied,” you got something to say”? I replied, you're fucking a right I do! So, she came around to where I was and asked if I was cop? Over and over again. So, I hollered loading zone again, over and over again. Finally, I said, no I'm not a cop, but I was a third-generation fire fighter and what the hell have you ever done for anyone else? She blabbed on and on about nothing and I wasn’t going to blog about this, but these lazy assholes need some mother fucking perspective! 
Let’s say your dumbass is passing through the loading zone at Lowes, because you are too fucking lazy or too fucking stupid to know why you shouldn’t. Then a child comes running out the door, maybe being playfully chased by a sibling. That child could get, killed simple because you are too fucking stupid or lazy! 
A local middle school teacher, here in Delaware County, Indiana, made a student who needed to use the restroom, stand in the hall until he wet himself. I wonder who she voted for in the last election? No, I don’t. This is clearly the behavior of a trumpster. I am so tired of the fucking bullying in oursad-ass specie. I know the teachers around here have a hard job, not being able to teach the children of trumpsters too much. But this is fucking unacceptable on ALL FUCKING LEVELS!!!