What keeps me going? Well of course the love of my family and the desire to help them as much as I can. But there is more. I think about how bad people had it 100 years ago. How men, woman, and children worked for 10 hours or more a day in the worse of conditions so they could scrape by a meager living while making some rich person richer. If they could do it then I can do it. I try to do it with the least amount of complaining as possible. My job isn’t fancy but it is honest work. Thank you to my family who accepts me as I am, certainly not fancy…lol. I challenge others to lead by example. And a special thanks to my Grandma Fletcher who showed me her finger that was damaged by machinery while she worked as a child in a factory all those years ago.

I wasn’t going to move this page to the new site. I wrote it years ago. It’s kind of corny. But it is my site so here it is. Some food for thought.