Welcome to Deep State Nine.

A far away out post in the universe, where Commander #Heelspurs protects the galaxy from imaginary foes. His number two, is Mike Pence, who is also the symbiont host of his wife, Mother. The republican spaceship Uranium Three, just landed and off loaded his chief of security, and also a changeling, Jeff Sessions. Commander #Heelspurs and Number Two, were waiting in the KFC lounge, when a duplicate of John Wayne walked in. “Oh, great, Jeff is here, said the Commander.” “What news do you bring us”, said Number Two? Though he looked like John Wayne, he still sounded like Jeff Sessions. “We have gotten word that President Obama is selling pizza’s out of the basement of his immigrant slave business”, said Jeff.

  “That is a damn outrage”, yelled Commander #Heelspurs. “Anyone could be making those pizza’s if that is where they are coming from", squeaked Number Two. “If I buy a pizza there, it could have been made by an animal! Where is this space business”, said Commander #Heelspurs? “Well, they told me it was on Uranus, and then laughed a little”, said Jeff. “Then we will circle Uranus and penetrate it if we have to”, said the commander. Number Two giggled a little and then slapped him self real hard. Jeff turned into a squirrel and ran out of the room.

Just then Stephen Miller leached into the room. “I have painted all the cleaning robots black, and all the robots that work out side brown”, said Steve.  “Excellent”, said the Commander and Number Two both at the same time. “Also, Tomi Loren still wants to come to Deep State Nine”, said Steve. “If she does, I will kill that bitch”, said Number Two. With a startled look on his face,  Number Two said, “that was Mother”. “Tell Tomi she is needed more there on earth, trying to educate the masses”, said the Commander. John Wayne came back into the room. “Where did you go”, asked Number Two? “I don’t recall”, said Jeff Sessions.

Care. Be safe.  5/28/2018


“Prepare the republican spaceship Uranium Three, for an extensive trip to Uranus. I will of course be staying here where it is safe,” said Commander #Heelspurs. “Can I stay here also”, said his head of security Jeff Sessions in the form of John Wayne? “No. You are my head of security. I want these animals hunted down”. Jeff Sessions turned back into a squirrel and ran out of the room. “I should have fired him when he failed to protect me when I was guilty”, said Commander #Heelspurs.  Just then, a squirrel ran by being chased by several black robots. Commander #Heelspurs and Mike, and Mother laughed and laughed.

  The republican spaceship Uranium Three was being loaded for the voyage to Uranus. Deep State Nine got shipments of supplies from earth, but they don't always get what they ordered. Regular shipments of screen doors, grass seed, kites, random car parts, the first half of movies, dildoes, lubricating jelly, and plastic sheets always seem to make it into their loads. The ship was loaded now.  Soon, they would scan the entire surface of Uranus for the Obama Immigrants Slave business, that was selling pizzas from their basement.  They would leave as soon as security caught the squirrel.

  Back in the KFC lounge, the Commander was briefing Number Two on the mission. “As you know Number Two, the lying fake media has tarnished my otherwise perfect image. If we can find this place, it would prove to the universe, that I should be running everything”, said the Commander. “You are an inspiration to us all Commander #Heelspurs, and as God and Mother are my witness, I won’t let you down”, said Number Two.

Care. Be safe. 5/30/2018

The Republican spaceship Uranium Three was headed towards Uranus with Mike Pence, better known as Number Two in Command. Number Two always wanted to go into the military…lol.  His son was, and his brother was. His brother also sold jet engines to Russia. You can’t get any more patriotic than that. Security had brought a small cage to the bridge. “I will let you out if you promise to behave yourself”, said Number Two. He opened it, and out walked, Jogger Texas Ranger. He ran around doing Karate moves, making the crew laugh.

 Just then a face appeared on the giant viewing screen. The guy was kind of clean cut. He said, “Attention earthlings. Your ship is trespassing in my space”, said the face. “well we represent the United States of America”, responded Number Two. Just then the Republican Spaceship Uranium Two came to a halt. They looked out the windows and could see that the spaceship had been placed on the surface of a planet. There was a huge building, nearby. In a moment, they were all transported into the building. The face that was on their screen, was now on a human like person on the stage. Also, on the stage, were Number Two, and Jeff Sessions in the form of Jeff Sessions.

“I am a shape shifter, why can’t I change”, said Jeff? “I will be shifting the shapes today, said the host. Let me introduce myself, let’s see, Q has been used, you may call me R”, said the host.   I will be putting you through a series of tests, to determine whether I should let you go or not. “This is an outrage”, said Number Two. “Wait until I can change shapes”, said Jeff Sessions. Just then, the host turned into a dragon, reached down, and gobbled up Jeff Sessions. Then he burped, turned around, and pooped him out onto the stage. Jeff laid there. His eyes wide open, his heart racing, his mouth rambling some prayers”. The host snapped his fingers, and Jeff was standing back up right. Still breathing heavily, but no longer complaining.

Continued tomorrow…

Care. Be safe.  5/31/2018

  Question number one. A young girl is trying to cross the road while walking her bike. She could be Hispanic. What do you do? Jeff and Mike wrote their answers down. Ok, lets see what you have, Jeff? Jeff turned hos answer over.  Call immigration and have her arrested. “Well, that’s very white American of you Jeff, Mikey?” His answer said, “Take her bike away and give it to a white child, then call immigration and have her arrested.” These are the answers I expected from you White Christian American Earthlings,” said R.

  Question number two, Your Mom has cancer. You are told that marijuana can help her. What do you do?” When both were ready, he turned over Mikey’s answer first. “I would give her thoughts and prayers”, yea, that will definitely comfort the pain. How about you Jeff? His answer was, “wait until she picks up the medicine, and then arrests her”. You two are definitely a couple of keepers, that’s for sure. Last question, you are on the border. You see a bunch of men chasing a teenage girl towards the border. You are operating the gate and can let her in. What do you do?  Jeff let’s start with your Dupery self, His answer was, “help the men catch her and release her to them”. “Jeff it is getting harder and harder for me to let you live” said R, Mikey?  His answer was “close the gate and make sure she doesn’t enter the country.”

  “Well I cant’s say I am surprised by your answers”, said R. I can say that I am still disappointed in them. I think you two could use some life lessons. Instantly they were transported to what seemed like early 1900 earth. Both Mike and Jeff could see themselves, though they were dressed for the time and not acting like anything was out of the ordinary. Then, the two that looked like Mike and Jeff, looked at the mike and Jeff that were just tr5asnported. Except they weren’t Mike and Jeff. Mike was turned into a Hispanic girl in her twenties, and Jeff was in the body of a teenage black girl. The one who looked like Jeff spoke first. Well, rather yelled first. You two animals get to work! What the hell are you staring at” Get in there and clean those bathrooms, now! Mike who was now a Hispanic girl started to speak. The one who looked like Jeff Sessions slapped her.

Care. Be safe. 6/1/2018

Even More Deep State Nine,

  When Mike Pence as a Hispanic girl started to cry, Jeff Sessions kicked her. He then grabbed her, took her inside a building and raped her. Mike Pence was both horrified at this as a Christian and excited about this as someone who can’t come out of the closet. Jeff Sessions, as a young black girl was even more horrified. “R” he called out. “I see the mistake in my ways and behavior”, said the Black Girl Jeff Sessions. He heard laughter that only he and Hispanic Girl Mike Pence could here. Then the laughing voice said, “you haven’t seen nothing yet”!

  When Jeff Sessions was done raping Hispanic Girl Mike Pence, he invited several more guys to come in and have some fun. Some of them though it would be fun to bring in Black Girl Jeff Sessions as well. They screamed and screamed, while certain White guys saw nothing wrong with it. In fact. There are plenty of guys in the year 2018 that are not smart enough to see what is wrong with bullying. # hours later when they were finished. The crying and bloody girls were told to “go clean the restrooms”. They didn’t have the strength to argue.

 As they scrubbed the shitty bathroom, they whispered to one another. They both vomited often. They were not used to their new bodies. They were definitely not used to their new colors. They couldn’t get the rapes out of their head. Could we have been monsters like that they thought? No. they were white and that meant they were better. Period.

Care. Be safe. 6/2/2018

Some more Deep State Nine.

When Mike Pence, the Hispanic girl and Jeff Sessions, who had been turned into a young Black girl were done cleaning the bathrooms, they were led to the dining hall and kitchen, to clean there. It was huge. They were told they could eat any food that was left on the plates, table, or floor. Their bodies were weak from work and abuse, but they were hungry. They started cleaning the tables, nibbling on any half-eaten food they could find. They did find some bigger pieces that had fallen on the floor, and they ate those two.

When they took the first load of dishes into the kitchen, there was a young Black man, working in the kitchen. He looked over at them and shook his head. “Are you going to hurt us”, asked Mike? “It looks like you girls have been hurt enough. Just set those dishes over there for now. Over there for now. Most of the masters, the Pence’s and Sessions’s have left for a few days. Not all of them of course. My name is Timmy,” said the young Black man. Mike and Jeff looked at each other. They wondered if they should tell Timmy who they really were.

Jeff spoke first. “We are really not girls,” said Jeff. Timmy’s eyes widened.” We are really two white men, who were on a spaceship”. “That’s right said Mike. We are not girls at all. Nor are we minorities.” Timmy eyed them both. He started to speak, then he stopped and eyed them some more. “Ok, I don’t know what any of that means, but I wouldn’t talk like that around the masters. He looked around. If you work hard, you have a shot at surviving,’ said Timmy. Mike and Jeff got back to work cleaning. This puzzle would be harder than they thought.

Care. Be safe. 6/7/2018

Some more Deeper State Nine

 Jeff Sessions who had been turned into a Hispanic girl, and Mike Pence, who had been turned into a Black girl by R, were now mopping the dining room. It appeared to be in the era of the 17 to 1800’s. The furnishings were solid, but plain. The mops they were using were barely usable. When they asked Timmy why the masters didn’t invest in new ones, he shook his head and walked away. Jeff and Mike didn’t know why they had been sent here. What kind of test is this. Could it be that they were supposed to show that even though they were in the bodies of immigrants, they would rise above the others because they were really white people down inside? That must be it. They would have to excel as a slave by working hard. 

  When Timmy came back, he had a stack of linens. He handed each about half and motioned for them to follow him. “I pulled a few strings, to get you something better to wear, said Timmy. Jeff and Mike didn’t know if they should thank him, because they are assholes. Finally. Mike’s slightly better politically correct resources made him say, “Thank you Timmy.” When they got to their quarters, they realized they shouldn’t be called quarters. More like dimes or nickels. Ok, a penny. No carpet. A bed, a couple trunks, and no curtain.

  “Are you a slave also”, asked mike, but figuring he already knew the answer? There was a pause, and then Timmy answered “yes.” “How long have you been here”, asked Jeff? “I was born here. “But you worked your way up”, asked Mike? “There is no working your way up, when you are a slave, said Timmy. My grandfather owned all the land around here. He worked it for years and made something out of it. Then the Pence’s and the Session’s came along, killed him and my grandmother, both my Dad and my uncle and stole the land. Most of the men will be gone for a week or so. Hopefully. You girls get some rest, and I will show you around tomorrow if I can.”

Care. Be safe. 6/9/2018  

More Deep State Nine!   

The next morning came about 4 hours later. Mike and Jeff, were still getting used to their new bodies, and were not ready for another day yet. “What time is it”, asked Jeff. “Time to get up”, said Timmy. “Why so early”, asked Mike. Again, Timmy looked at him(her) and shook his head. “You aren’t going to live long. Be in the kitchen in ten minutes”, said Timmy and he walked out. This is the point where if they had a soul, they would think, “This being a slave shit sucks”. But neither had the capacity to recognize that reality.

  They showed up in the kitchen, and Timmy put them to work. “There aren’t as many people around today, but this will give you some practice for when they come back. Mike and Jeff looked at each other, There was fear in their eyes. “Don’t ever let them catch you eating any food, unless they give it too you, or it is left behind.” They started on peeling potatoes, with what was probably supposed to be a knifes. The food was going to be taken up to the big house. There were mostly women left behind and a few men a for protection.

  Greg Pence came into the kitchen to help with the food. He eyed Mike and Jeff with compassion. Something completely unexpected by both. “When these pans are brought back, there will be plenty of food for you two and Timmy. You don’t have to eat off the floor. He looked around and said watchfully, Not today anyway.” Sure enough, when the pans came back there was plenty of food. Timmy got his and left for a bit after saying. “You too eat, and then work. I will be back shortly.”

  Jeff and Mike sat in the kitchen and ate quietly. Mike looked at Jeff and said, “Why hasn’t Timmy raped us yet?” Jeff said, “I know. It is only a matter of time”. Just then, they felt a strange sensation. Also, some REALLY bad cramps. They looked down in horror. They grabbed what rags they could, trying to clean up the mess. The cramps got worse, and then a major headache came. More rinsing rags out. More cramps. They both started crying.

Care. Be safe. 6/19/2018

Tonight, on Deep State Nine!

  Timmy came back into the kitchen, saw what had happened, and started helping them clean up. “Is this your first time”, asked Timmy? Jeff and Mike looked at each other and said, “yes”, at the same time. “We need to start on lunch in about an hour. You girls go and clean yourselves up and rest a bit if you can. I will tell Greg to try to ward off any trouble from the White folk,” said Timmy.  

  Jeff and Mike went back to their quarters, after grabbing a couple of buckets of water. They rinsed things again and again and hung them to dry. They cleaned themselves off and tried to make something that would catch any further blood. Their bodies were tired and sore. Their minds were beyond fatigued. But they were both still sure that because they are really white, that they will rise above the occasion and succeed. They finally were able to lay down. To have a moment rest and a moment to think. Just then, Timmy came into the room. “Oh good, you were able to rest. Time to make lunch.”

 The girls drug their bodies back to the kitchen. First, they had to wash the dishes and pans from breakfast that had been gathered. Then they worked on vegetables and preparing meat. Timmy always worked with the fresh fruit they had. Jeff and Mike noticed that Timmy never ate any. Their cramps had gotten worse. Their headaches were still banging strong. On they worked. As before, while they were cleaning up, the pans came from the big house, and there was sufficient food for the three. Timmy again grabbed his food, and left. Jeff and Mike again sat in a little table in the kitchen, not daring to sit in the dining room.  

 After the chores were all done, Timmy motioned for them to follow for the beginning of their tour. As they walked around the building that housed the kitchen and dining room, they could see that their little room and a few others had been added to the original building. There was kind of an aqueduct Slightly downhill with water slowly passing by. “My grandfather and family built that. Along with that house, and these buildings. I was born in the big house. Don’t ever go in there unless you are told to, and hope you are not. They stood there for a moment while Timmy eyed the Big House, then they moved on.

Care. Be safe. 6/20/2018

Deep state Nine continued. 

Timmy showed them the henhouse. They Got a tour of the horse barn. They were introduced to the slave couple that took care of the horses. Their names were Dick and Lynne. They were polite but looked at the girls with sorrow. He also pointed out the dog building and advised them to never go near it. Eventually, Mike Pence asked Timmy, “Couldn’t the law help you when the farm was taken, and your relatives were murdered?” Timmy didn’t look at Mike when he answered, “There isn’t any law for the black man when he is the victim.” They started back towards the kitchen building. “You better go get cleaned up, we need to start on supper soon”, said Timmy.  For a second Mike had a horrible thought that he had been wrong his whole life. But it went away. Jeff admired how white people stole all this from someone who clearly shouldn’t have had it.

  A couple weeks had gone by. The majority of the men were still gone. The girls, Mike and Jeff didn’t know where the men had gone, and hoped they never came back. The cramps had lasted for a week. The bleeding lasted a few more days, but they felt better. They wondered how the crew of the Republican Spaceship Uranium Three were doing. They wondered where R got his power. Clearly, he was not Jesus, as Mike and Jeff had both seen pictures of him.

  One night after supper, Timmy stayed in the kitchen while they were eating. After a bit, they both got kind of dizzy. They remember Timmy helping them to lay down, so they didn’t fall. They kind of remember Dick helping Timmy get them back to their room. They both dreamed. Mike remembered his fathers gas stations, where black people were not allowed. He had a dream he needed to buy gas, but she was a Hispanic girl. They yelled at her and she had to run away. She ran and ran and ran in the dream. Jeff was dreaming that he was back in Selma. He saw his father’s store with all his friends when he was young and ran up to it. He forgot he was a young black girl. As soon as they saw her, he knew he had made a mistake. They were on her quick. Took her to a barn and took turns.


Care. Be safe. 6/22/2018

  Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions, in the bodies of girls had been violated. They figured Timmy would get around to it. They were disappointed that they were drugged first. When they returned to the kitchen there was nothing but silence at first. But as Mike and Jeff pitched more and more pots and pans around, Timmy decided to clear the air. Do you girls have something you would like to talk about? Jeff Sessions burst out crying. “How could you? I mean I know you are black, but still,” he sobbed. “I hate to break this to you, but first you are black also. Said Timmy. Second, the masters wanted you bred. They insisted that the horse slave Dick do it, as they want strong stock. I figured it would be better if you weren’t awake.”, said Timmy.  “The girls were horrified. “But we are not animals,” cried Mike. “To white folk you are”, was Timmy’s response.

 Clearly, they had not been working hard enough to get their white color that was supposed to be on the inside, to come out. How could this be? Sure, their skin was not white, but their brains hadn’t changed. They started to feel depressed. They also started to feel bloated. They cried ten times more often, with only each other’s support to lean on.  As their bellies got bigger, they got in the way. But the work was still there. The men had come back, but Mike and Jeff were not touched again. The work load tripled. They tried as white as they could. But they were still slaves. If not for the possibility of returning to their ship, they both figured they would have given up by now. Even that possibility seemed further and further away.

Care. Be safe. 6/23/2018

"Liberty once lost, is lost forever."  John Adams

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.

Their babies would be coming soon. They were sure, that they would get to rest a bit to take care of them. Surely then, Jeff Sessions’s and Mike Pence’s white would surely come out then. They would excel at teaching their young ones what is “right” and what is wrong.  The men no longer abused them. But looked at them like they would like to again.

The first labor pains came while they were cleaning up after lunch. They continued while preparing the supper meal. The cramps felt like that time the bigger boys chased Jeff Sessions into the woods. Except these cramps hurt ten times more. Or like that time the bigger girls chased Mike Pence into the bathroom, where he hid for the whole fourth period.

Right after their evening work, the cramps came more often and with more severity. Mike and Jeff decided to concentrate on the fact that this isn’t real, and that they would be going back to their ship someday. Hopefully. Several white ladies and a few ladies of color had come into their tiny room to help with the delivery. Ten hours later, two babies came out. Mike and Jeff both tried to see them, but they were only able to see their faces. The babies looked just like their real kids back on earth. Their minds raced. They were extremely weak. Something was poured into both of their mouths. They drifted off to sleep.

Care. Be safe.  7/5/2018

They have not learned anything.

Jeff Sessions was back at home. In Alabama. Where he was white, and everyone different, was wrong. He and his friends had just made a little girl cry, and they felt superior. Mike Pence was in church, where he loved to watch everyone dressed in silky robes. After words, they chased a boy up into a tree, because they thought he talked funny. They threw stones at him until the boys mother came and chased the all away.

There was relief in the minds of both of them. It had all been a dream. Though a pretty realistic one. But now they were both back, where they were white, and everyone else was wrong. Then, they were both splashed with a bucket of water. “Get to work”, shouted the man who looked like Jeff Sessions. The girls, Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence were now back in their nightmare. The fact that these kinds of things really happened to people who were owned, was completely lost on them.

“Where is my baby cried”, Jeff Sessions?  “And mine”, blurted out Mike Pence. “Yours” questioned the slave owner?  “You don’t own shit. We own you!” responded Jeff Sessions. “ Now get your ass's up and get to work, or there will be no waiting period between now and your next loving with the boys”.


Care. Be safe. 7/6/2018

Deep State Nine Continued.  Please check out the Deep State Nine page for the whole story.


 The girls, Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence could not believe the masters stole their babies. Especially when they tried so hard to be white on the outside. They had had enough. They went out the door and started running. They had no idea where they were going, but they weren’t staying there. They ran a few hundred feet when the first shot rang out. It blew of the head of the girl Jeff Sessions. The girl, Mike Pence saw his friend fall and kept on running. Soon another shot rang out. Mike Pence couldn’t believe the pain.

 The next thing they knew, they were falling for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, their bodies slammed to the rocky ground. This of course would kill anyone, but they were already dead. There was a lot of smoke around and several small fires. They were in what seemed to be a cave. Soon, a big red Satan came in the space where they were. “Ah good”, said the Satan.  “The new servants have arrived.” Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions were back in their regular bodies. “Where is R and where is our ship”, asked Mike. Satan threw his pitchfork at him. It ripped off his head but didn’t kill him. He was in a lot of pain. Jeff Sessions picked up his head and handed it too Mike’s body. The body reattached itself to the head. “You will speak when we ask you to speak and not before”, said Satan. “Did you expect to go to Heaven,” asked Satan?  “Well maybe you shouldn’t have acted like such pricks when you were alive”, he added.

 “You will start in the laundry”, he said. “Fuckin Chuckey will show you the way”. Just then, president* #heelpsurs, or at least a close facsimile came in the room and motioned for them to follow him. They started to walk down a hall that seemed like miles and miles. They tried to ask #Heelspurs a question, but when he turned towards them, they could see his mouth had been sealed by skin. They walked into a room the size of a football stadium. There were stacks of dirty diapers hundreds of feet tall. President* #heelspurs pointed to a tiny stream and some rocks. “I am not washing these”, said Jeff Sessions. He suddenly burst into flames. Mike ran over to the stream and started washing shity diapers. Jeff Sessions stayed there and burned and screamed for a bit. Then he moved towards the stream and started washing diapers also. The fire went out.

Care. Be safe. 7/7/2018


  The smell from the diapers, acid smoke was more then they could bare.  If they didn’t work fast enough, the piles got higher. Inspectors soon started coming by to check on their work. The first one was a tall slender Black Women. She looked at Mike with pity.  Then she walked over to Jeff, knelt down and looked into eyes.  Scenes started to appear in Jeff’s mind. Raping’s, lynching’s, verbal and physical abuse.  He could feel how the victims and family members of the victims felt. He felt their pain, sadness, and anger.  Then she looked at him with the compassions that he had never felt for anyone, let alone a black person. His heart might have grown 4 times its present size.  But this was an old misguided dusty heart. 

  They started to hear someone that sounded like Alex Jones. They started to feel a little at home. They then realized, that every time he said something, there was laughter like he was doing comedy. Every now and then, you could here him testify that his show was entertainment.  Next came Rachael Maddow from MSNBC fame. She talked about some things that were really happening. Next came Walter Cronkite.  First, he said, “America's health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system. He clearly understood the ramifications of Richard Nixon passing the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973.

 Meanwhile, back at Deep State Nine, Commander #Heelspurs was just getting a message, from the Republican Spaceship Uranium three. When it came on the video, the Spaceship was parked on a planet.  The crew were all playing volleyball and softball.  There was food being grilled, music playing amply, and Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence were nowhere to be found. Then a human figure came on the screen.  “Hello, the figure said. My name is R. I have been observing your planet for quite some time.  Not all of you are asshole, but clearly some of you are. I am currently trying to retrain Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions to be decent human beings. They are putting up quite the battle. It might be too late. But hopefully, they will come around, so I don’t have to eat your crew.  The screen went blank.


Care. Be safe. 7/8/2018

Commander #heelspurs was speechless. One of the few times to be sure.  He was certain President Obama was behind this, and possibly Hillary’s e-mails as well. Suddenly most of the power went out in the conference room he and Stevie were in. Then, the same things that Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions were listening too, were now being played in this room.  They tried but couldn’t open the doors. They tried to contact the rest of the crew, but all communications between the conference room and the rest of the ship were out.  A message was sent to the rest of the crew, but it was sent by R.  “Attention Deep State Nine Crew. Commander #heelspurs and Imp Steve Miller are having a summit and are NOT to be disturbed for ANY reason. Anyone who violates this order will be shot.  Have a nice day.” That message also played in the conference room.

They had limited supplies. Actually, Commander #heelspurs was already hoarding the snacks and drinks that were held in the conference room. Fortunately, they had a bathroom.  There was maybe enough food to last a couple of days. Then, Commander #heelspurs would have to consider eating Stephen Miller. Commander #heelpsurs could already see the fear in Stevie’s eyes. That only made the Commander want to eat him more.

 Back at with M & J;

Mike and Jeff continued their never-ending job. They were always hungry, but never got to eat and didn’t seem to suffer because of it physically. A dog came through and sat down and watched them for a bit. He then got up and ran, when Mike Huckabee’s son came through the cavern chasing him. Every few hours a long line of Black People would walk through. They were the Black Folks that weren’t allowed to be a customer at Mike Pence’s father’s service stations. They would just look at Mike, with pity.


Care. Be safe.  7/10/2018

Next to parade through the cavern were ALL the victims from sexual or verbal abuse from ALL politicians, regardless of party. Above them, floated a picture of their abuser or abusers. Then, the people stopped coming. The only sound was the water, trickling down the stream they used to wash the diapers. Then they were asleep. Dreaming of days when they were young.  But they weren’t real memories. They were memories of what could have been, in a world where everyone was treated the same. In a good way of course, not in a bad way.

Almost everyone had a place to stay, and food to eat, and a job that paid enough to live on. The few times people would fall, others would help them up. You could learn things from each other. People didn’t have to fit into some mental costume, where everyone tried to act like everyone else. Where everyone dresses the same and tries to talk the same. A place where people could think for themselves, rather than letting greedy schmucks tell them what to think.      

Then everything was dark. They were laying in beds, with clean linen. They didn’t dare speak. Seconds drifted into a minute, then there was a loud knock on the door. The door was open, and the light in their hotel room was turned on. “Come on you sleepy heads”, said someone with a clipboard and a walkie talky in his hand.  “You must give out the awards in ten minutes. Here are your suits”. He hung the clothes on a hook on the back of the door, closed it and was gone. Mike and Jeff looked at each other. Well, at least they were in their own bodies. How bad could It be?


Care. Be safe. 7/11/2018

Jeff Sessions and Mike Pence dressed as fast as they could. The clothes that were hung on the door, were two very nice tuxedoes. They helped each other get dressed. There was a knock on the door. “two minutes”, someone said. They finished, and were lead to an opening in the curtain on the side of a  stage. Everyone they passed looked at them with a kind of disappointment like they were missing out on something. George Washington, the Father of our country, was at the podium getting ready to introduce Mike and Jeff. “Beings from all over the galaxy thank you for attending this “Not Celebrated Enough Heroes of The United States Hall of Fame” ceremony. Our evolutionary path as a country, has had many helpers along with many who did not help. These next two people certainly could have helped a lot better, but they are here to give awards out to those who did help throughout our history. Please put up with Mike Pence, and Jeff Sessions.

Mike and Jeff started to walk out to the middle of the stage. On the way by, George Washington stopped them and said, “We were no perfect than you, and you are not perfect.” George Washington walked off stage. There was a table with medals, Mike would read, and Jeff would place the medals around the necks of the recipients.

Mike started, “Mr. Garret Morgan; was an inventor and social activist. He invented a type of sewing machine and the predecessor for the gas mask that Americans used during world war l. Think of all the people that were saved by that one invention, by that one man.” Mr. Morgan came out on stage. The Beings, in the audience clapped, snorted, or whatever they did where they came from that was like applause. and Jeff placed the medal around his neck. Jeff and Mike looked at him with awe, though not on their own of course. They both bowed to Mr. Morgan, and he returned back stage.

Mike continued, “Next is George Washington Carver; Mr. Carver was also an inventor. He taught people to rotate crops on land that had been depleted of nitrogen by only growing cotton and it provided much needed food, and employment along with repairing the damaged soil. How many lives did this one man save at a time when he wouldn’t have been allowed in a Pence Service Station, owned by my father”, said Mike. More applause, and sneezy noises from the audience. Mike and Jeff both bowed once again to this American Hero.

“Next is Marie Maynard Daly; who was awarded her doctoral degree in just three years and was the first Women of Color to obtain a PHD in Chemistry in the United States. She made discoveries in the digestive area and taught for many years and inspired other women of color to reach for the highest rungs of the ladder of success.” Marie looked into Jeff’s eyes as he placed the medal around her neck. He wanted to look away, but he couldn’t. He felt how a mother is a mother. Regardless of color. A child is a child and every child deserves a chance. She kissed him on the forehead, they bowed, and she walked back off the stage.

“Next is Mr. Cesar Chavez: Mr. Chavez worked in the fields to help support his family instead of going to school. After serving in the Navy, he went back to the fields. He was instrumental in getting workers together to form unions, to better their lives.” Mr. Chavez gave both Mike and Jeff visions of what it was like to be a migrant worker. Moving from place to place. Working as hard as anyone else, often for much less, to harvest food that will mostly feed other people, and make big business or someone else rich. He showed them what it was like to watch your child die, because there was no health care for them. What it was like for them to go into a business to spend the money they had worked so hard for, only to be bullied by some asshole. Often in front of your family.

Care. Be safe. 7/12/2018

  Back at Deep State Nine, Commander #Heelspurs and Imp Steven Miller were locked in a meeting room. The rest of the crew were oblivious to this and might not have helped anyways. The Commander had taken most of the snack supplies for himself. He had continued to eat for the whole 3 hours they had been locked in there. But the Commander missed the taste of meat and wanted a couple bites of Steve. Steve sensing this, had locked himself in one of the bathrooms. The awards show that Mike and Jeff were at, was being displayed on all the monitors in the meeting room.  They would not turn off. Every time, the Commander tried to turn them down, the volume got louder. It was pretty loud now, as he just doesn’t get things.


  “I have never heard of any of these people”, screamed the Commander. “None of them are white. Why would those two jackasses’ give out these awards? Then it dawned on the commander, this must be some kind of plot to over throw him. Then he remembered, he was the commander and he could override the computer with voice command. Computer, barked the commander. There was no response. COMPUTER, bellowed the commander again. There was still no response. Queen to Queen’s level three said the commander. The sound from the show being piped in was lowered.  There was laughter and "Oh, that is too cute”, said a female voice. “Oh good, computer is that you”, asked the commander?  “No, you imbecile, I am the coffee maker”, replied the voice. “Shit, I need to talk to the computer. Is there anyway you can get through to the computer for me”, asked the commander? “I’ll see what I can do, said the voice. I wouldn’t make any long range plans though”. The voice was silent. The sound from the show was turned back up. Maybe even a bit louder.



  Back at the show, Mike and Jeff were just presenting the award to Ciara Barton. Clara was instrumental in founding the Red Cross. She was a nurse, a teacher, and the first female clerk at the U.S. Patten Office. It’s a good thing she didn’t stay in her place, isn’t it?    

  Next was Kurt Chew-Een Lee. Lee was the first Asian-American Marine in American military history. He used his ability to speak Mandarin, to save thousands of lives by setting out on his own to confuse the enemy. No #heelspurs there to be sure, said Mike Pence.

Care. Be safe. 7/13/2018

  Back on Deep state Nine, Commander #heelspurs and Imp Stephen Miller had been locked in a meeting room by a mysterious force, named R. Stephen, fearing Commander #heelspurs’s appetite, had locked himself in one of the bathrooms. R decided that this would be the perfect time to have fun with the boys. Miller had locked himself inside the stall, inside the bathroom. It had been quiet for several hours. Then the lights went out in the bathroom. After a few moments, he heard the faint sound of music. It sounded like a Mariachi band. When it got closer, it seemed to finish the song and then stop. Then, there was a knock at the bathroom door. Stephen was cowardly and hesitant at first. There was another knock. Finally, he decided to see who it was. Maybe the crew had gotten into the meeting room after all.

  He unlocked the door and when he opened it, the light was surprisingly bright. It was sunlight. He had somehow been teleported to what seemed like a planet. There appeared to be a small town off in the distance and there were six people standing there with musical instruments. “Hola”, said one of them. Stephen didn’t know any Spanish. “The United States”, said Stephen. They looked at him and kind of shrugged but said nothing. Finally, one of them motioned for him to follow them. They went back to playing music and slowly walking towards the town. Stephen watched as they started to walk away. He looked back at the bathroom. It was gone. He then started to follow the group of musicians back to town, glancing back a few times at where the bathroom had been.

  When they got to the town, Stephen was not impressed. There was no electricity. There was no telephone. There was no road. There were no white people. The musician who said Hola, pointed to a seat at a table in the shade. The table was very simple, but the shade was certainly welcome. The man returned shortly with a plate of food. It was modest and there was very little meat, but Stephen was hungry. He took the food and said thank you. Another of the band set down a mug of liquid next to the plate. Stephen dug in. He had probably swallowed the third bite, when he realized how spicy the food was.  He grabbed the mug. It looked like milk. He tipped it back and swallowed as much as he could as fast as he could. The texture was strange, and it wasn’t milk but he had to put out the fire. He was actually drinking Pulque.

Care. Be safe. 7/23/2018

Stephen Miller continued to eat the spicy food and drink the Pulque, though at a much slower rate. The Mariachi band started to play again. The music sounded magical. Stephen felt magical. Stephen got up and danced. He felt like he was floating. He wasn't, but he was entertaining his hosts. He danced with the children brave enough to go near him. He danced with a tree, a well, and a cactus. The latter he would feel eventually.

  He staggered back to the table to sit down. When he did, he noticed several cartoon animals had also sat down at the table. They seemed to be playing cards. They were discussing how the United States and other countries meddled in the politics of South America for years. They explained why so many people would risk their lives to escape the hell that has been fashioned by the greed of others. “But people should stay with their own kind Stephen interjected”. The cartoon character who looked like a manatee, looked at Stephen and said, “what the fuck are you, a star bellied Sneetch?”   The cartoons started laughing. “Don’t tell me there is a whole country of people who look like you”, laughed a rather large cartoon bear. “Yea, a country of ghostly white sickly-looking creatures,” laughed a rather homely looking cartoon dog.

  Stephen had never felt inferior before. He didn’t know what to say. “Look, said the manatee, what did these people do when they found you?”  “Well, said Stephen, they gave me a place to rest and they fed me. They also gave me some awesome milk.” “Now if they had landed in YOUR back yard, what would you have done,” said the bear. Stephen knew the answer and it wasn’t a good one. “Your silence tells us the answer,” said a very large bald eagle.

Care. Be safe. 7/24/2018

  Commander #heelspurs was locked in a meeting room on Deep State Nine, by R, some sort of diety like entity. Imp and kitten eater Stephen Miller had locked himself in one of the bathrooms. He has since been removed by R and sent on a journey of his own.  An exact duplicate of President Barack Obama has been put in his place. Commander #heelspurs didn’t know what to say. Where is Stephen”, asked the Commander? “He heard kittens were on sale downtown, said President Obama. You know Donny, I told you not to hire Michael Flynn."  Donny got up and ran into the bathroom. There was no Stephen. He came out and ran into the other bathroom. Still no Stephen. He came out rubbing his face.

  Instead of President Obama sitting there, Hillary Clinton was now in his place. “Wow you look awful, said Hillary. You look like you are 150. What is that hair you have now, Chia pet hair?” “But my crowd was bigger,” mumbled the commander," seeming dazed and confused.  "Your crowd wasn’t shit, said Hillary. You see, your followers, are mostly not willing to get off their ass for the country. They want better trade with China, but they personally aren’t going to stop buying cheap crap. They want a government to magically take care of things, without them having to pay for it. They apparently want tax cuts for the rich in hopes that they become rich. I called them deplorables. They are. They vote against their own best interests again and again. “


  Commander #heelspurs closed his eyes. He just wanted her to go away. Was he going crazy again? When he opened his eyes, she was gone. However, several men dressed in period attire, were now sitting at the table chatting quietly amongst themselves. Clearly one was Abraham Lincoln. George Washington was there. Samuel Adams, John Kennedy and Benjamin Franklin were also present, among others. Commander #heelspurs had been placed on top of his golden toilet, at one end of the table. There was some murmuring and then Benjamin Franklin started to talk.  “Commander #heelspurs, formerly known as president* #heelspurs, R has brought us here to humiliate you, until such time as he is board with it, or you have learned something, whichever comes first. 


Care. Be safe. 7/26/2018

  The 12 men Murmured a little bit more. “We need to nominate someone as the foremen”, said Ben. “I nominate the father of our country, President George Washington”, said John Kennedy. “I will second that young man,” said Sam Adams. “Well thank you gentleman, Said George. I believe we can use our first names here unless there are objections, not counting the Accused of course. Seeing no objections, we could start reviewing the evidence, or just vote now.”  “I believe a preliminary vote is customary,” said Gerald Ford. “Ok said George, everyone who thinks he is innocent raise their hands. George counted the raised hands. Eleven people think he is innocent, and Ben is voting guilty I presume,” said George?

  “Well, said Ben, I know we want to protect the sanctity of the presidency, but maybe he is guilty. I know all of us have had our times of slipping of the road so to speak. But you can only slip off the road so much, before you shouldn’t be aloud back on the road again”. “What the hell is the matter with you, old man, said Richard Nixon. I’m tired and I want to get back to resting in peace. Of course, he is innocent. If anyone would know, I would.” “Gerald Ford let out a snicker. “Fuck you Ford,” said Nixon. “What kind of plague of ignorance was on the minds of the American men when they elected you,” said Abraham Lincoln to Nixon? “Women can vote now to,” said JFK. “That is absolutely brilliant,” said Ben.

  “well what are the charges,” griped Nixon?  “They are in this notebook here, said George. Also, in that stack of notebooks, and those two stacks of notebooks over there”. “We will be here for a fucking eternity,” said Nixon. “You have the time,” said Sam Addams. “Up yours too”, said Nixon. “The charges seem to be in random order, said George. The first charge is audacity to buy a golden toilet. The twelve men looked at president* #heelspurs, sitting on the golden toilet. “It is a sign of my success”, whined president* #heelspurs. “Accomplishments are a sign of success,” said Ben. “Is society so rich, and all people so well off, that you can afford to sit on a golden toilet? Is there no more suffering,” asked George? “Sure, everyone is fine” said #heelspurs. Just then, pictures started flashing on screen around the room

  Pictures of Puerto Rico after the storm. Pictures of Puerto Rico, two years after the storm. Pictures of homeless veterans. Short clips of veterans committing suicide every day. Pictures of children going hungry in the United States. The damage done by big corporations poising our water ways. Short clips of people dying because there is no single payer health care. Just the pirate health care we have now. Short clips of children being taught asinine things like cave men riding on dinosaurs. Short clips of #heelspurs himself, abusing woman after woman. “GUILTY” they yelled for charge number one. Even Nixon was disgusted.

Care. Be safe. 7/28/2018

  “Charge number two.  You said you would be too busy working to play golf. Then you played golf 23 percent of your time in office. You played at your clubs at the taxpayer’s expense. Just the golf carts alone for the Secret Service cost tens of thousands of dollars. The twelve men looked at president* #heelspurs, sitting on his golden toilet. “I was making deals for the United states. I was working during those times. Fake news,” said #heelspurs. Again, the screens around the room lit up showing #heelspurs playing golf. It showed who he played with, and it showed what they said. GUILTY was again the verdict. “You must have really big palls #heelspurs,” said Nixon.

  “Charge number three, You told Texas after their hurricanes that we would be with you until the end”, then you told Puerto Rico, FEMA can’t stay there forever. You acted like it was a big surprise that Puerto Rico was an island, really far away. You delayed FEMA money to victims, so they would lose their property, and it could be bought up cheaply by the rich. Many people died because of your half assed response,” said George Washington. “Might you be Satan himself,” asked Abraham Lincoln? “Look, you freed the slaves, and that left a lot of bad people in our country,” said #Heelspurs.  GUILTY was the verdict again.

 “Charge number four, you accused Canada of burning down the White House”, said George. By now, some of the men were enjoying some libation. Lyndon Johnson nearly fell out of his chair laughing. Nixon, not known for having a personality, was laughing like Santa on Christmas. The screen around the room lit up with #heelspurs talking on the phone. He did indeed say such a silly thing.  Guilty some said and some sang.


Care. Be safe. 7/29/2018

  “Charge number five, you cut off the health insurance of your grandnephew. An infant who had many health problems”, said George Washington. “How the fuck did you get elected? What kind of morons are voting now a days,” screamed Nixon.  “As much as I hate to agree with President Nixon, who talks like a common street whore, I have to agree. How you could have been elected is beyond me,” said Sam Adams? “Fuck you hippy”, said Nixon. “well, I campaigned in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. It was a brilliant strategy,” said #heelspurs. Once again, the screens in the room lit up. They showed how the campaign of president #heelspurs got information that was stolen from the democrats and how they used that information. It showed how Russia also upped the amount of fake news they were pushing in those states on social media. “Guilty”, was once again the consensus.

 “Charge number six, you approved a pipeline that you had a monetary interest in. This pipeline cut across land that was sacred to the American Indians.  You campaigned that the steel used would be American steel. You signed an executive order saying pipelines would have to use American Steel, but the Keystone pipeline was considered a pre-existing project, so it didn’t have to comply. This pipeline would move crap oil from Canada. It would be moved to refinery’s that were export refineries. You were moving crap oil across the United States, so a few already rich people could get richer? By now several of the men had several drinks. “I will kill the Mother fucker myself”, hollered Nixon, who was having trouble standing.  “Guilty” was more or less said by everyone.

 “Charge number seven, blocking the areas at the border where people can apply for amnesty. Then having those people arrested and separated from their children when they did cross the border. Some, never being able to be re-joined with family. Many of the people were women and children who were escaping violence in their own countries thanks to things bigger countries had done. Most of these people were locked in cages. Many were not able to bathe and were not given proper food. Some were sexually abused. All at a time when border crossings were basically at Net Zero. He stopped reading and said - I have to say, maybe I wouldn’t have crossed the Potomac, if this is what you were going to do with the country,” said George Washington.

Care. Be safe. 7/30/2018

“Charge number eight; In 1989, a woman who was jogging through Central Park was brutally raped.  5 minority juveniles were arrested and prosecuted for a crime they didn’t do. President* #heelspurs, then just Donny Trump, wanted the 5 teens executed for a crime that they were later found not guilty of. He took out a full page add in the New York Times, because he is that big of a racist asshole,” said Georg Washington. It was funny to hear George Washington say asshole. But by now, nothing #heelspurs could be charged with, would be much of a surprise to any of these fine gentleman. “I am curious, said Ben Franklin. He asked #heelspurs, was there maybe a strange storm on the night you were elected? Maybe some kind of malady in the water that could explain why Americans could elect such a loathsome creature? Maybe a wager that got out of hand perhaps? Maybe they felt sorry about your small hands?” “Actually, I had the biggest inauguration crowd ever,” said #heelspurs. Pictures started flashing on the screens around the room showing his “crowd”. “But what time of the day was it,” asked #heelspurs. “Guilty”, was the reply by all.

“Charge number nine; Apparently dozens of people in your administration were in contact with and making money with the country of Russia,” that was all that George Washington could get out.  “He’s working with the Ruskies, shouted Nixon. That was it. Nixon was on the table and heading for #heelspurs.  You commie sonofabitch, screamed Nixon. #heelspurs climed off his golden toilet. Nixon was on him, and they both flew off the table, and onto the floor. “Should we intervene,” asked Abe Lincoln? “I would much rather have another drink and watch,” said Sam Adams. “This is indeed thirsty work,” said Abe. “Should I continue to read the charges, said George Washington? It appears the rest of this book is full of charges regarding Russia”. “Guilty”, they eventually all said. “In our day, we would have been shot for many of these things,” said George. “It is hard to believe that this was the best specimen for President of the United states,” said Ben.

Eventually Nixon grew tired of kicking #heelspurs’s ass. He also wanted another drink. “heelspurs climbed back up on his golden toilet throne, ready for the next charge. He was sure he would be innocent of this one. “Charge number ten; you met with a violent dictator of North Korea. You heaped him with praise. You gave him everything he wanted, and got nothing in return. You saluted their Generals” said George Washington. “That’s not true, said #heelspurs. We got the remains returned of 50 American Service Members.”  (As I right this, I would hope that we really got the remains of American Service Members. That being said, even if they really are the remains of 50 Service Members, that probably does not make up for things like cancelling Team Spirit. The yearly exercise South Korea does with the Unites States military.) “Did you cancel important exercises with South Korea and the American Military,” said Sam Adams? “Fake news,’ was #heelspurs childlike reply. The screens around the room came on again. The media weighed in. It showed that #heelspurs thought North Korea was going to disarm. North Korea had no such plans. It showed that people in the pentagon were quite surprised by his announcements to cancel Team Spirit. “Guilty”, was their reply.


Care. Be safe. 8/4/2018

Deep State Nine Continued. Please check out the Deep State Nine page for the whole story. 

The viewing screens came on in the room. It was R. “Our respected Fore Fathers, he said, many of them anyways, as he looked at Nixon, have listened to enough evidence about this poor specimen of an earthling. I have decided to stop wasting the forefathers time, which they have an eternity of. Each forefather will make a statement to close the proceedings, if they choose.

  George Washington stood and spoke first. “A conscience is almost as desperately needed as a heart or a brain. I knew even as a small boy, that honesty is vital for a society to exist and flourish. It appears the United States of America is clearly flourishing in the wrong direction, and for only a handful of people. To think that people suffer, while this lout pretends to be king. In my day he would have been hung. To have him wiped from history, would be the biggest blow to him we could make as his ego is his version of a soul. However, then this mistake could be repeated. THIS mistake should NEVER be repeated.” He sat down with a look of disgust on his face directed at #heelspurs.

  Benjamin Franklin stood and eyed the accused. “To think that technology has advanced as far as it has, but a man keeping his “Captain Standish” in his pants has not. I travelled the known world. I partook of the women of the places I visited. I am not proud of this. But I invented many things along the way to help make a better life for man. I contributed to society. You have only drained off of society. I wouldn’t want all the wonderous things that have been invented since my time, if I had to live under your leadership.”

Abraham Lincoln was next. As an American, I am appalled by your actions. No human being is perfect. We all have our battles. Some, more than others. As a society, we should be there for one another. Everyone doesn’t have to have the same things, but everyone should have opportunities to better themselves. As an Attorney, I am appalled by the idea that you would have the support of a whole party of people. My party. He threw a mug across the room. You are a BULLY just like Mary!” He collapsed in his chair, his mind was somewhere else.

More to come.

Please care. Be safe.  8/9/2018

Sam Adams stood up. He eyed #heelspurs with disgust. “well this is quite the fucktangle isn’t it president* #heelspurs? You probably don’t know but I founded the Son’s of Liberty. Do you know why president* #heelspurs? So people who had next to nothing, wouldn’t continue to fill the pockets of buggers like you! You have the greed of an entire country, bound up in one vulgar figure. Next, you will be telling me you had dinner with a person who sells a drink with my name on it!

L B J was next. He stood up. He was as tall as Abe. When he stood next to president* #heelspurs, who was still sitting on his golden toilet, on the table,  LBJ stood eye to eye to him. He got really close to #heelspurs. “Shit son, none of us are perfect. But you are so crooked, if you swallowed a nail, you would spit up a cork screw. Hell, I was a pig, hollered LBJ. I would actually urinate in washbasins, in front of my secretaries. But compared to you? Shiiiiiiiit. LBJ walked over to bar for another drink, muttering under his breath.

JFK continued to sit. “Sir, we are both Men. Our families were well off. That is where the comparison ends. I spent hours floating in the water. Do you know why? So I could live to spend money? So I could live, period? No. I did that for my men. To try to save my fellow Sailors. That must be something you can’t even begin to understand. You had many chances to help people, and you turned your back like a spiteful little brat. I said ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. You clearly had no intention of doing anymore for anyone unless you had to, and then…..only if you benefited from it. Oh and the exceptions when you were trying to settle an old score. You will be a legend. Some might even say, notorious.


Please care. Be safe.  8/10/2018

“It’s my turn to talk, you bunch of Commies, said Nixon. Well at least no one can say that I was the worst President anymore.  He got up from his seat, drink in his hand, and walked towards #heelspurs. I was a navy man #heelspurs. You are floating out there like a sitting duck for days. Death awaits behind every wave. Then you come home, and you find that there is a commie behind every bush in your own country. They are trying to take over, while the hippies just lay around getting high. I am not sure which is worse, a hippy or a commie. But what I do know, is you are worse than both of them.” Just then, Nixon reached over and pushed down on the lever to flush the golden toilet. #heelspurs turned into a kind of jelly type creature and started to spin around. “Wait, cried #heelspurs. It’s all fake news! Everyone is talking about it!    

  With that, there was a small round of applause from the rest of the rooms occupants. Mr. Nixon took a drunken but gracious bow. R came back on the screens in the room. “Well played Mr. Nixon. If you gentleman would like to hang –around and talk for a while, please help yourself to the food, alcohol, and the drug buffet until your hearts content. Also, thank you for your help, with this exercise in humility.” 

  The jelly like, or maybe more precisely, the lava like structure of #heelspurs was making its way through mile after mile of various size pipes. It was not a painful experience for him, per say. However, it could be a kin to what a single parent feels like when they can’t care for their child. It might feel somewhat like how an elderly person feels. Maybe an elderly person who spent 30 years working for a company, only to lose their retirement because of someone else's poor judgment and/or greed.

Please care. Be safe. 8/11/2018

This story was updated 8/11/2018 

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